Sunday, December 30, 2007


Caution: Post with uncensored words. Pardon me.

Here it goes...

I so fucking hate the way you handled this relationship.
Srsly, I'm totally disgusted by you and your actions.
You think love's a game and girls are just toys for you to play with?
Wake up your idea please.
You like gaming huh? I allowed you to, without throwing any tantrums.
Game until there's only a pathetic number of 5 sms per day.
Not even a call.
I put up with this cause I thought it's fine as long as you're happy with it.
But it became worse, until 1 sms per day or even none.
I went for chalet. You didn't call or sms to check if I'm alright, like how the other boyfriends would usually do.
You called the next day saying you were sleeping.
Like how amazing you can sleep for the whole day?
I have absolutely no intentions of comparing you with them but you have totally gone beyond my tolerance level.
But still, I put up with it and left you an sms telling you how distant you were.
You didn't reply.
Xmas eve, was supposed to spend it together.
you left me an sms telling me you have your own plans and stuffs.
Now what am I to you? Here for your entertainment?
Xmas night.
I viewed your friendster and to my horror, so many comments to other unknown girls, telling them you are single.
and even telling one of them to not work so hard cause you'll xin tong.
Then I was hospitalised. Where were you?
(Don't get the wrong idea. I won't attempt to kill myself over such guys.)
I told you if you still cared about this r/s reply by 12 noon.
You replied at 3.45pm. Well done boy.
It's a game over. Like how you want it to be isn't it?
Then you sms me the next day.
I don't know what more do you want from me.
Just fucking hell leave if you want to.
No wait, I won't allow you back even if you want to.
Because all along I guess it was just me commiting to it.
You've never done anything.
You've never intended to right?
Then why did you ask me to be with you in the first place?
I don't get it. I don't get what's in that cowbrain of yours.
You promised me forever.
You're lucky I'm not the kind of girl who believed in all these teenage loveydovey promises. I don't trust easily.
That's why I'm not hurt by what you've done for the past 2 months.
In fact, in these 2 months I've seen a clear example of how ugly humans can get.
you wanted a silent break? you've got no feelings for me?
Oh my gosh. Can you at least show me the basic respect in telling me directly?
Or are you too shameful of your own actions that you dare not face me?
It's not like I'll shoot you with a rifle when you mention about the breakup.
Gaaaaahhhh, dickhead.
Well, maybe it's better this way that I ditched you first, rather than the other way round.
Yeah, definitely better cause it's another jerk out of my way.
and I'm telling you, no, I'm not feeling upset and losing my sleep because of you. I have better things to worry and care about.
Oh my, I'm starting to relate you as "things" already.
Probably you'll soon be erased from my memory, for the better.
Also, get it clear in that thick skull of yours.
I am so over you.

and to that irritating bitch/bastard who tried to spam here,
I'm warning you. Don't test my patience because it's really running out.
Just click your heels together and say "I need to get a life".
To that bloody poser on msn, leave me alone.
I have no wish to insult whoever you wish to be insulted.
and I definitely do not want to meet you at 4am in yishunpark.
So stop your crazy ideas and fuck off. THANKYOU.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Was too shagged to blog yesterday.
Went Queensway with Kayseng to print my sis's jersey and find his soccerboots.
FBT training jerseys. I want buy more.
It's time for Zenith to buy new full kit.
Shops there reminds me of City plaza. Very Malaysia-ish.

Supposed to go eastcoast today with him also. but I didn't feel like going.
So we walk from orchard to sommerset to doughby gaut to fort cannning.
cannot find my roxy wallet. damn saddening.
Are roxy outlets extinct in Singapore?
And stussy has new styles already.
Same kind of t-shirt prints but the tank tops are rather sweet.
I think Marissa will love them. and Jermaine my lovely laogong.
I want rosebullet top. $73.
and Joop dress. $80.
All can use daddy's Iseten Credit card. hoho.
Happy liaoooo !
and I want sony vaio notebook.
Been eyeing on it for some time.
heh. Think my daddy's gonna cry soon !
No wonder he bought me the "daddy's little expensive girl" tshirt.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007


PAE briefing at Innova Jc today.
Waited for Zhiwei and Daniel at yishun mrt.
Zhiwei's late. :/
Then met Jeffrey at woodlands mrt.
took bus to school.
Daniel can't take his eyes off CHIJ girls.
and he kept insisting to walk.
MAT. haha.
attended subject combination talk.
Finally made up my mind.
If my results come back and it's more than 15 points(without bonus), I'll stay in Innova.
and, certainly like going school with the guys.
super entertaining.
Looking forward to 2nd Jan orientation programme.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Second time I spent christmas in a hospital.
The last time was p6.
I had a skull crack.
This time round, another skull crack.
Damn. @#$$%#$&
Genious me tried to pull open my 3rd drawer to keep my stuffs.
at 4am.
then.... *boom*
The top 2 drawers fell and hit my head.
pain like ..... idk what.
Freakinggggg hell. :/
stuck in kk hospital for hours. half dead.
finally home.
and the darn crack is still painful.
If only I'm like the girl in Heroes with super recovering powers.
Nevermind. Bi qing spirit never dies. (:

Xmas eveeeeeeee.

Hello people !
It's christmas eve today, ok, few hours ago !
Christmas christmas, the season full of joy, love, and of course, presents !
hahaha. Spent the day with Huimeng aiai. (: (: (:

Lunched at Bugis food junction. Yong tau foo !
Wonderful meal if you take away those noisy girls next to us.
They were seriously louddddddddd; like primary school kids.
Huimeng the bugis queen !
We got the same stripey halter but of different colours.
Mine red and hers yellow.
(I'm starting to like red, but still, a bigbig no to red skinnies !)
I got my long black skinnies already.
Was deciding between white or black one but eventually gotten black one cause I've got no long black bottoms.
$20 only ! contact Huimeng if you want !
She's helping to sell stuffs @ Bugis street for two days.
She got a yellow cardigan and a white top too. $$$ !!!

fastforward---- Bishan j8. Searched for shades. None.

Off to AMK Hub. Think she'll start screaming if we pass by G2000.
Got my white shiny pencil case. and our identical shades.
Hers maroon and mine purple. purpurrrrrrrr.
yupyupps. We can exchange.
That's my xmas gift from huimeng aiai.
Thanks a lot ! (: (:
We're the crappiest aiai-s ever !
and remember my principle of life; CONSUME.
and huimeng, anyone who reads your blog will think I'm a living clown.
Am I that hilarious? haha.
mehmehhh all the way ~

skipskip---- Yishun Delifrance. Dinner with dear sister.
She got me a really sweet teddy as xmas gift.
I'm giving her a late xmas gift though. :/
ok, "I'm the evil twin."
Headed to Ahma's house. Passed my cousin his gift.
This k2 kid loves Thomas the train, that cartoon, so gotten him a bag.
He's so excited when opening up the gift.
He's bringing that bag to school ! yaayyyy~

Finally sweethome.
Gave mummy a casio watch as gift.
It's been ages since she last changed her watch.
and bought my brother an Adidas shirt.
His favourite blue colour.
chitchat chitchat. Mummy was in a really good mood.
Hope she stays like this forever. :D

Merry christmas to all my dears. Many many loves. xoxo.

I'm giving up.
after telling you you're so distant,
it's like you still don't bother.
So why should I?
Maybe it was all a mistake.
Time will rectify it.
I'll put everything to a halt,
move back to the same old square,
back to how it used to be.
I'll be better off in every way.
I won't lose anything,
but you lost me.

Saturday, December 22, 2007



Town with Kayseng. HOHO.
SALES everywhere !
but MNGO basic tees were all sold out.
Hula&co has new dresses, like finally !
Every bag is a school bag. HAHA. Paperbag can or not ?
Lunch at Pastamania. Walk walk walk.
I think he's the only guy who doesn't get tired of shopping.
Addicted to Munchy donuts already.
Off to April's chalet.
I didn't touch vodkha. muahahaha. (:(:
eat. sleep. poker. tv.

Cabbed home at 10 plus. Supposed to meet Kayseng to get my donuts !
but I fell asleep. omg. 20 missed calls. hahas. POWER LAAA.

Night Safari with Kayseng. fun fun fun.
and thanks for the bag. (:(:

absolute disappointment & inexistence.
treasure your own happiness,
leave out all the rest, including me?

New skin again; night safari.

HAHA. Dear readers, I'm back after not blogging for a week.
Did you miss me? Ok, let me recall the happenings this week.

Met up with jy to accompany him repair his laptop.
Woke up at 7 in the morning. Record lea !
Munchy Donuts with Marissa !
Then, off to Bugis.
Two kukus searching around for HajiLane.
Started walking from Bugis Street, bought a few stuffs,
realised it's the wrong direction then headed back to the mrt station.
Ended up at Sultan Mosque, Arab Street, Kampung Glam...
Things there are really pretty. But the back alleys are freaky.
Promised to go back there again with more notes in our wallets.

"too bad there's no Mac Pau or Mac melon." -My quote. :D

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Two days ago, outing with Ethel, Jianhao, Chonmun, TeckSeng. lol.
NeoRenZhong ps cause he had sore throat.
There's something funny with his SORETHROAT. :x
Alright alright. Had buffet with Chonmun and JianHao first at yishun sakae. Yishun sakae service's a bit ... (you get what I mean).
Saw Huiying and her stead there. FATE. :D :D :D
Buffet was worth it. and of course, I didn't skip my all-time favourite Chawanmushi.
Too bad Ethel came late, or else I would have given her a treat.

Kbox at AMK kbox city. Stupid faulty mics.
and I didn't know Chonmun can beatbox. :/
No mood to blog so I'll end here. Steamboat with the usuals at Marina later on. Hope it'll sort of brighten up my day. (:

Jianhao don't shy laa.

Crazy ChonMun.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

INNOVA. swimswim. linkin park.

LOL. Wokeup in a fluster when I saw Marissa's sms that reminded me to check the PAE posting results.
I'm going to Innova ! Muahaha.
Though it's not really what I want but at least I've got friends going there with me.
Moreover, it's only first three months !
Who's gonna care? haha. x)
Wondering if anyone got into CJ. I wanna sneak in there.
LOL. Zhiwei ah Zhiwei...
We've got a lot to talk about from now on.

Gahhhhhhh. My arms are aching. Thighs also.
Must be because I swam too much yesterday evening.
From 3.30pm till 5pm.
but then it's fun lea.
I miss swimming lessons.
and the stupid coach. :D

Monday, December 10, 2007

Golden Compass.

Oops! Woke up late today so I skipped work again. WongJiaJian, looks like I can't stick to the wake-up-at-10am rule. :/ Hmm. I walked out of house today. It's been 3 long days since I'd spoken to my family. Don't ask why. just... had a quarrel and currently still in a cold war. Was in a superbly foul mood so I went Timezone; arcade siao. Played my favourite game, Daytona. Raced against soooo many people. Sat there racing for an hour plus. I like that feeling. Speeding on the roads, overtaking all the other cars. Felt soooo much better after playing daytona and everytime I play daytona, I'll think of my dear friend who crazily loves racing. Haopengyou.(:

Then met up with jy at causeway. All because of him I'm running to causeway so often. Watched Golden Compass instead of BeeMovie cause there's no more BeeMovie screening at Cathay. I still wanna watch BeeMovie though. Anyone wants to accompany me? And the Alvin&hisfriends, Bratz, FredClaus, blahblahblah.. so many movies that I wanna catch. Ok, I shall stop digressing. Hmm, Golden Compass was quite interesting. Guess I find it nice cause there's a lot of icebears in the movie. I'm a bear fanatic so.. yeah. Go watch it people! :D

Sunday, December 09, 2007

xiaozhu concert/ prom/ debbie birthday

YAAAAY ! I had another fun-filled week, also realising xiaozhu's my new-found love. XIAOZHU'S MY BOYFRIEND. (: yeapyeap. My fever's almost gone so hey people, don't have to worry. and jy's fully recovered too. Thank god. Anyway, there's lots of photos taken during this week so remember to check out my photo albums at Or you can find the link at the right side of this page under the "ME" section. The recent album uploaded is on the Prom night. :D

Last Saturday
It was Show's concert ! His first concert in Singapore. Dance dance. *whistles* The most funny thing that happened was he got a guy to be his 3minutes girlfriend. Too bad, no pretty girl for you. It was based on that lucky pick thingy. BUT, that guy is surely a xiaozhu fan cause he knows how to sing his latest song. *salutes* Sing sing ! xiaozhu jiayou ! Ni hui chang ge.

Last Sunday
Went to Ethel's house to prepare for Prom. Blahblahblah. Then headed to causeway to get the stuffs. I'll remember the minibits salesgirl. At night, rushed down to Khatib to find that salon. That taxi driver misheard "Khatib" as Kartege. He drove me all the way to the expressway then I realised something was wrong. Lucky he only charged me $5 or else I'm sure to go very very mad. and thanks Ethel, for the COOLINGGGG icetea at Macs and the ride back to Safra. The walk back home was long man...

Prom night ! FUN. FUN. FUN. I still think Amy and Thiha should be the Prom King and Queen. Or maybe Dexter and Didi. Check out the photos @ :D :D :D Dance dance~

Out to buy present for Debbie with tong. Hope she likes it? haha. Anyway, I came up with an equation after this day. Becky + Litong = plain craziness. We were so dumb laa. Took the wrong train, only to realise it when we ended up at Kallang. You should seriously take a look at our photos. Maybe that explains why we're sisters. LOVE.

Debbie's birthday ! I'm sure we enjoyed ourselves though it was freezing cold in kbox. Seoul garden made me stink like siao. Elton kept disturbing me with my power ranger ringtone. RARRHHH. Bengbeng's better. I like his "taoyan" photo. Again, it's at shutterfly. (:

MUSTMUSTMUST check out the photos. You'll laugh at our silly moments, I swear. I can't wait to go out again. Rain rain go away~

Saturday, December 01, 2007


I'm having this urge to blog but I don't know what to blog about, considering the fact that this blog is opened to all to view. Haha. I'm listening to Ashley Simpson's l.o.v.e and it goes "I'm talking bout love." What a coincidence. But then, I don't want to talk about love. It's too much of a headache and I just conferenced with girlfriends two days ago about this. Nevermind...

Was talking to WeeTheng just now. He told me how different Poly life is from Secondary School's. He said it's just school, home, school, home. No extra stuffs to enjoy like P.E lessons and all. Come to think of it, when we're in Sec school, we complain there's too much unnecessary activities but when we leave to a new phase in life, we complain that life's a bore. I can still recall scenes of our class playing floorball all the time during p.e lessons and I would just sit in a corner and watch them play, sometimes even laugh at their silly actions.
  • Paperball throwing after every test/exam.
  • Flying paper aeroplanes.
  • Playing crickets in class using broom and whatever litter.
  • Singing together in groups.
  • Gathering at Alvin and Wongwei's table for nothing.
  • WWE fighting going on during every recess.
  • Imitating our teachers. *toot*
  • Singing along with Miz playing to guitar. (The lion sleeps tonight)
  • Birthday celebrations.
  • Seeing who's late for school every morning.
  • Getting irritated at the councillors for asking us to go down to parade square.
  • Rushing down for weekly assemly cause we're always late.
  • Observing one another during boring lessons.
  • Entertaining ourselves during boring lessons.
  • Dragging guys into the girls' toilet that's just next door.
  • Scribbling nonsense on each other's notes.
  • Completing homework during lessons.
  • Sleeping on the chairs.
  • Someone who always needs to scream to get the attention of the class.
  • SzeJin who comes to school with fooooooood.
  • Tony and Qingqing always asking me to send them songs.
  • Guiqing always drawing on the whiteboard.
  • Always hearing MissSoh's heels before seeing her.

Too many to be listed. So many many many little things that we do but there's no way the brain can auto-delete all these memories. Somehow or other, I'll always get reminded of the little things that the phoenixes did. It's quite scary to hear seniors talking about how rare it is for them to meet up with one another. I guess when time comes, it'll be our turn. Nonetheless, I'm thankful that I didn't opt for a transfer into 4e6 when I was in Sec 3. If not, I guess I wouldn't have met such a lovely group of people, a wonderful MissSunshine, and be part of the phoenixes. Let's welcome whatever that's about to come. Goodbye YTSS! (:(: this is sort of a late post for graduation.