Friday, February 23, 2007


*Yawns* Piggy me finally decides to drag myself out of my bed to update some stuffs for my dearest readers.

okok, CNY was a bore. Nothing really special, but enjoyed myself though.

Ohyes, apologies to HuiMeng for not being able to accompany you for lunch today. Perhaps dinner tmr? and also, sorry to Josephine for not attending the gathering cause I really need to chiong my physics. Catch up with you girls soon!

Well, today's topic shall be on...... 6 weird things about myself.

[This is what you are supposed to cut and paste if you decide to participate in the tagging game. Each player of this game starts off by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. After you do that, leave them each a comment letting them know you tagged them and to read your blog.]

This can't be hard. hehhs.

o1. I must drink Macdonald's IceLemonTea everyday, no fail.

o2. I can hold my own miniconcert at home, just singing nonstop for hours even if there's no audience.

o3. I hit people for no reason unless you count "I had a sudden urge to do that" as a reason.

o4. I feel sleepy 24 hours a day and I can sleep for days if I have the chance to, so, try me. :D

o5. I enjoy calling people monsters and monstresses. I have no idea why!

o6. I detest fake flowers.

Wakakakas. That's how weird I can get.

Super random pick of 6: Lydia, LiTong, HuiYing, Marissa, April and Debbie!

ok, I'm going to laze on my bed and start my miniconcert soon. Will you be my audience? ehehhs. I've got a first aid kit here in case anything bad happens. I know my limits.

Friday, February 16, 2007

CNY Concert; Bugis trip

Alright. The school's CNY concert was a bore, but the ingenious me still managed to save myself from the suffocation by singing like siao. I really went siao. Was craving for Macdonalds when I saw the PA people eating it. That stupid Jonathan still tricked me.

Me:"Jonathan, I also want Macdonalds leh."
Jonathan:"I call delivery for you want a not? Aiya, nevermind laa, I think we got leftovers."

and he threw over a packet of chilli sauce.

I shall push you down the stairs next time.

Ohyaa, then went to canteen and treated my girls some drinks. SAYBYEBYETOMYMONEY. yeahh, Jorge passed me my earstud. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH. After that, lunched at Cavana and slacked there. Josephine and two of her friends came, one an exstudent of yishuntown, YongQiang. The other guy, I couldn't rmbr the name. Sorry!

Went home to change then flee to Ethel's house but left cause the two piggies were sleeping like nobody's business. There goes my lovely homecooked dinner. But nevermind, they must have been really tired. So, went off to meet JiaSheng for a Bugis trip. Francis is still the same as ever laa, no change. Movie "Follow the law" was super funny.

Daddy's gotten a new car! He came down to Bugis to pick me up, but his ultimate motive was to show off his limited edition car, only 2 available in Singapore. hurhur. So yeahh, he drove my family around and went to Jalan Kayu for supper.

eeeeeks, I'm growing fat! Somebody help me!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

p.o.p ceremony

Yesterday, 10-o2-o7, was my passing out parade, which marks the official handing over of the guides company to my fellow juniors. That feeling after the yell "p.o.p sec4s", cannot be described. I've promised myself not to tear for guides again, but I failed terribly again.

To my fellow graduating sec4s: Let's chiong for our 0 levels and reach hIgher! Don't let others look down on us again. :D

To my dearest sec4nas: We'll definitely stay as one, no matter what. Stay on your choo-choo train, or work hard for your Ns. Sucess will be ours. (:

To my dearest juniors: Now that the company is in your hands, continue to bring it to greater heights. I'm sure you girls won't let us down. All the best.

My words for all of you shall be kept confidential until r.o.d night. So... wait till it's June. falalalalalas^ takecare people! weather's a bit crazy nowadays yaaa. okok, I'm digressing. A picture speaks a thousand words. So those pictures down there shall speak... manymany words.

After p.op, was a trip to bugis. Huimeng's money went *poof* into crazy hello kitty stuffs. After a while, JiaSheng and his gay partners came to look for me. I was super emo cause of p.o.p stuffs, so yeahh, I'm sorry. But soon, I was fine again.

Ohyeahh, then went to meet up with my sister to go LuoZhiXiang's autograph and hand-shaking session. Sucker, didn't even see his face. Nevermind, that's not important. Most important thing is ...... my stupid legs are still aching! hrgh.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Irritating shit.

I don't care whether you are reading this now, but i certainly hope you do because once again, you've annoyed me with your silly acts. Cut it out boy, nothing will change if you just sit there and whine all day about the past. So the biggest mistake you've made was to love me from the start? and now you're telling to fuck off? ...

Hello, don't sound as if you can control love and like, I'm the one trying to salvage the relationship, because I seriously don't give a damn about it anymore, I don't even talk to you. It's been months long and I've told you very clearly that I don't blame you for your mistakes, so why can't you just act like a man and walk away. Why did you have to approach Lydia and show your stuck up attitude to her? She don't owe you, or even me, anything ok? So, you've apologised to her. That's you. You act without thinking and then regrets it after something had happened. I'm telling you to leave Lydia alone, get it? Seriously, what has my love life got to do with you anymore? Even if it does affect you, you've got no rights to insult me either. Just Scraaaaaaam, alright?



I feel waaaaay better after viewing this ! If not for this, I guess I'm already transforming into a T-rex dinosaur, biting every being that I see. bshh. =D


ending with a happy note. *clicks

Sunday, February 04, 2007

JJ's movie treats.

Yesterday was one of the most kuku days i had, reaaaaally kuku. supposed to meet at 4pm but dragged till 6. Win already lor Xue and Jer. Lucky Weixiang and JJ came earlier to save me from my evil sister who tried to push me down the escalator. We shall go ducky popcorn fight again^^

The later part of the day was waaaaaayyyy better at semb park, of course. hehh.

and yaa, i got drunk and fell asleep in yishun safra's partyworld. so embarrassing.