Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's gonna be a long post due to popular demand & also to cater to my individual reader's needs. Just scroll and choose the paragraphs you wanna read cause I've added headings. :)

The trip was really fun-filled, especially w the exciting theme park rides and the super cold weather. Baby and I decided to just give it all out and try all the crazy rides. Baby's sister enjoyed herself so much she was smiling in her sleep. LOL. and the world's so small, I saw Jeff and Phan w their girlfriends while queuing for the "flying chair" ride, then saw them again @ another ride's queue. Hmm, the food there, I would say it's average but the night life there's good. Nice pub, nice cocktails/beer, nice performance and song dedications w a relaxing atmosphere. A not-bad place for couples. :) Shopping was just as fine, didn't buy much cause nothing really caught my eye, no hellokitty and all and worse, my mastercard wasn't valid cause my sister forgot to pay last month's bill. Still, a great time w baby and his family over there. Then drove off to baby's grandparent's place and spent 2 nights there. Finally went there w him but his grandma was in Singapore instead. LOL. Missed out the good food again. Yupps, Photos uploaded at Shutterfly already so I'm too lazy to post them up here again. :D

Okay, both Christmas eve and Christmas were splendid. I went door-to-door gift sending on the eve and I really felt like a mini santa clause. Coolios ! Then baby came to fetch me at my house and we went to try Hotpot culture at Marina Square cause I've been craving for hotpot before we went to genting. YAAAAY. All thumbs up ! Totally worthed the money spent. Then we went back to my place to get our xmas gifts from my Sister. She bought us a couple bracelet w our names engraved on it. Thanks dajie ! and then my brother bought me a hellokitty drawstring pouch. Thanks ah shitman ! Baby was best, he came w my favourite hellokitty box, w a hellokitty towel and a hellokitty dress. It sure cost him a bomb as well. Thank youuuuu. I bought him his subcrew/unity Changsha limited edition cap. Cannot find in Singapore one okay? I think it's damn nice you can see it in my baby's blog or on my shuttefly. hahaha. Took days to ship over so was late in giving him it but he went like so high, "yesyesyes" when he saw it ! silly. hahaha. and thanks to all who sent me xmas cards and gifts. Yupp, the next day, we went to meet Wingkeong, Janelle and Joel at Plaza Singapura, ate Thai express and watched "IP MAN". Nice movie, inspired me to really stand up for my beliefs and rights. Went to baby's house after that to get his hockey stuffs then went back to my place together since he had to go school the next day. All in all, lovely christmas, really a season of love & giving. Photos on shutterfly !

So today, had a fun time at the CDC tournament w the girls in ITE Bishan. It's the first time I'm playing as striker today, seriously different feel man. Now I know how Athirah and Waner's jobs' like. Haven't trained there for ages and I miss training w the awesome Whitley/CDC players. It's been a long time and I guess I really did miss out quite a lot of stuffs w the team. A pity, but well, at least we had a good time catching up today, teamtalking at Bishan though not all our members were around. Gymed after the matches and our abs are really going to tone up, ouch ! but it's also good for us in the sense it kills away the fats we've deposited over the holidays. -.- It's time for me to go youtubing and watch more soccer cause I think I'm still lagging. Come on becks, where's the GreatGiggsGoal? wakeupwakeupwakeup.

Right, and and this is for baby. Hey love, guess we had a lot of fun together over the past two weeks plus. It's time we settle down and prepare for next year so life won't be as tough and straining right? Especially when A div starts and the academic pressure that's gonna kick in. Don't worry I'll make sure I bite you when you start slackening. and don't heartpain, you can bite me as well if I doze off while mugging. Hehehehehehe. I'm so sorry I was emo last night and made you worry so much. Now I know why your shoulders are aching, cause you slept on the sofa last night dope ! Hope it's not aching as much already? and yeah, read all mine and your blog posts. Reflected a bit, thought though a lot, many doubts popping out but guess what hg said to you was right, I've grown to be a more matured person, probably stronger as well, after many rollercoaster-rides on my emotions then I've finally settled down, w you, Sim Xin Kai. So I guess it'll be a real big blow to me if we have to part someday. You are really someone important, so I hope when you asked me to stay w you, you mean it. Okay, I should stop cause I'm going to tear soon. Shutup don't laugh okay. Right, can't wait to see you tomorrow and I love you to bits, really. :)

Yupps, after so much fun, I'm finally settled down and ready to mug. Finished half of maths revision and yaa, have to finish the other half and then I can start on the holiday revision package. After Maths, shall start on Chemistry revision to prepare for the coming test. Then I'll finish off w a little bit of Econs when baby comes back from Vietnam on the 7th. and yeah, anyone wants to go FSC on the 30th just to play w the kids for a while?

Becks feeling nostalgic;
signing out, xoxo.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hello Mr/Mdm/Mrs/Ms, I'm finally back from a long break at Genting. Well, it was really more than just a "holiday" trip because it gave me a chance to think through a lot of stuffs (bet baby didn't know this), basically regarding kinship. cos' actually, I've had a cold war w my mum & we didn't talk for 2 days, even when I left home on the 16th. Yeap. & I missed two training sessions/sentosa trip/1 friendly match w my MSG. zzzz. Then I received an sms from my sister on the 19th, telling me that my dearest uncle had passed away that morning. So after the trip, I had to rush to attend the wake and ended up oh so sleep-deprived because I had to clear the tables/serve food/watch the josssticks/run here and there for rituals. How depressing w all the trepidation within. See, nothing comes between kinship for long; number 1 placing will always be family.

Well, on a lighter note, I'm glad I've got baby w me through these tough times. Thanks for telling me "everything's gonna be alright" and secure me in your arms everytime something unpleasant occurs, it helps a lot, really. Genting was like a mini honeymoon for us, fun & sweet w many many photos taken to be posted on my shutterfly (so do check em' out). Baby's parents really dote on me a lot and even bought so many foodstuffs back for my mummy. I'm so lucky to have them all. & my daddy was superbly cute when he introduced baby to my relatives & his friends @ the wake (to think baby was still a little traumatised because of certain stuffs before this). HAHA.

Hmm, I guess I've gotten over all the unhappy stuffs and yupps, it's time to prepare for Christmas ! Tomorrow's Christmas eve & I'm gonna go door-to-door gift sending in the morning then baby's coming to fetch me & go play. Haahahahaha. Wonder how many gifts/cards I'll get this year & what baby's first xmas present for me will be. He'd better buy something nice cause his present cost me a bomb, over a hundred pleaseeeeeeee, can't even bear to spend it on myself. LOL. Gahhhh, I can't wait for all the fun that's coming.

Of course, there's still a need to study. Becks knows her limits. :)

Becks' feeling dopey;
signing out, xoxo.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Off to genting, bye all ! back on the 20th.
Till then, miss me.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Okay, that's how I spent my lazy Tuesday & Wednesday w baby @ home. Sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep eat eat eat eat take photo take photo watch 古惑仔 watch 古惑仔 laugh laugh laugh. LOL. That's how sianszx life can get in this teenyweenypeany island Singapore. But as long as baby's around, it can't get worse.
Cheerios, Dionna is back from Brisbane ! FIFI's birthday ! Sakae w Chonmun the gayest ! Beach soccer w MSG ! GENTING W BABY ! I smell ... ... FUN ! :D:D:D
But again, I need to settle down & study. It's A levels, not the bloody O's anymore. So before I go & join the crowd @ Andy Lau's concert tomorrow, I shall be a good girl & study.
Becks' feeling LAZY;
signing out, xoxo.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Okay, I'm finally back on blogger. I need a break.

Sunday: CIP (Christmas High tea w the elderlies from this service centre at Tanjong Rhu)
Nearly missed the session cause baby & I overslept @ my place but I decided to cab down still, but ended up having to walk in because the roads were blocked due to standardchartered marathon. The day started off real bad because Jenny & I got scolded by this lady, but soon things got better, w the elderlies, befrienders & the little kids who were performing. We got to eat the 9 course high tea w the elderlies@ Meritus Mandarin hotel. So, I'd say the trip was even more worthwhile since we didn't have to pay for anything. & the volunteers all went home w this satisfied & accomplished smile printed on our faces. :)

Monday: Family gathering at Granddad's place.
Another family bondage session, mainly is to visit my very sick uncle again. Rained like hell okay, but our hearts were warm & filled w laughter. Wanted to do my maths revision package but damn, clever me forgot my GC. So I ended up slacking, eating & playing w my cousin's baby. Emo big-time @ night because I missed baby.

Today: CIP (Pasir ris Family service centre, looking after the kids.)
My, the kids there are really really so adorable, even though they can be rowdy at times. Constructive time there w the kids, hope they enjoyed our company too. Shall go back there & visit them soon again ! Left at 5 plus & was supposed to fetch baby from dover but I had a serious flu so here I am, home slacking.

Hmm... not exactly in the right mood now, 2 main reasons.
1. Mummy gave me only half of my allowance because it's "holidays" & she assume I'll need less money thereafter.
2. I haven't seen baby for 2 days & 14 hours & this silly poke injured himself again.

Dear dope of mine, imy real hard.
It's noone else but you. I'm going to go bonkers now.

Becks' feeling outofhermind;
signing out, xoxo.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Like wow, it's Friday today, time flies like *poof* ! So the 3 friendly matches w the 3 soccer academies have finally come to an end. It's been a soccer-only week since Monday, wednesday & today, Friday were the friendly matches & thanks a million, I am like so chao tah again w the vvv fugly tanlines. Nonetheless, we had fun while enjoying this great exposure playing w top-notched passionate players from the foreign land. Mind you... they're really great & that means we have a lot of catching up to do to prepare ourselves in fighting against similar teams like VJ & SA in this coming A div. Okay, I'll keep doing my touches at home & make sure I don't lose my momentum. BUT before that, I'll need some rest. Today's been exceptionally tired. Probably not used to playing morning games or playing both halfs w/o Celeste taking over while I take the chance to catch my breathe. My legs are so wobbly now it's like I can feel the lactic building up. zzz. It's also a blessing that I survived these 3 games w/o any serious injuries though I'm bed-ridden temporarily for today. -.-

Note to self:
1. I must start going for runs again to build up my stamina.
2. I must practice crosses and shots.
3. I must do more reviews.

Okay, somehow I hope for the soccer camp to be postponed so I won't miss out all the trainings & fun w the girls. I don't want to be weakest in the team you see, cause I'm already vvv lousy. But I shall not be selfish ! Hahaha. & yah, I must thank Huihoon for the Hellokitty pouch thing that she bought for me randomly. So sweet, I love it totally.
I love coach, I love the team, I love MSG !

Okay, before baby gets jealous of my team & eats me up, I shall leave a message here for him:
Hey hamsome, (LOL) see, I'm not injured after the match. I take your words vvv seriously okay? Yupps, like you said, we're lucky to be brought together, w/o much obstacles and even if there is any, I'm glad we went through them all together. Heh. Though we haven't been meeting up as often for the past week, we're still the same as before, that's a good sign. & you you you promised you'll control your temper, I know you're working hard on it, but I hope it's not just on the pitch that you'll remember to do so. You should know what I mean right? Yeah, that's all I wish to say for now. can't wait to see you tomorrow. Remember to bring extra massager k? :D

Shall go & continue scaring myself by watching mimic2, disgusting cockroaches. Yucks.

Becks feeling bloated;
signing out, xoxo.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Yaay. Mugger is back & I'm done w Arenes tutorial, but, I still cannot remember the many reactions and conditions. zzz. It's b&j icecream time & I'm like bloghopping & I found this photo in Janelle's photobucket. Hahahahahaha. Credits to photographer & this idiotic model.










That's my sillyGLnoobshitcuteidiotic one&only love @ some hockey fiesta. :) Goodluck for your match tomorrow ! Okay, goodluck to us. Off to munch on more tidbits ! & stop looking @ my baby, I know he's cute. heh !

Becks feeling LOVED BY DIONNA; signing out, xoxo.

love this song totally. So sweet. :)

雖然你滿身數不完 的缺點
完美小姐也不是我 的頭銜
越看就越順眼 我們之間
舒服得像 星期天
是緣份 是愛情
是命運緊緊把我們 綁在一起越
吵越甜蜜 越吵越愛你 
考驗著愛情才顯得我們的努力 多麼值得被珍惜
從今就緊緊的和你 綁在一起
不管壞天氣 不管壞心情 
麵包的滋味 有多香多甜
有你分享 有你分享 才是真完美

It's gonna be a boring day at home today. Not gonna go out because I've officially declared to be broke and I haven't got Dec's allowance yet. Man, Aline went zouk yesterday. I should have gone as well, sounds a lot of fun. Yet again, where's the money gonna come from. -.-

Too much procrastinating, I'm not studying, that's not the way to go becks. "wake up your idea". gonna go read through Arenes, then I'll reward myself w b&j icecream and some tv-watching time. Aiming to finish Chem assignments by soccer camp and when I return from genting, there'll be three weeks left till school reopens. So it'll be econs, chem and maths intensive respectively. Starting the muggermode-engine !

when Dionna's back from Goldcoast, we'll go studying together& catch some nice movies to compliment ourselves. yaaaaaay. I'll get myself a christmas gift as well to reward myself for making it through J1. Hohoho. :) :) :)

& yupp, tomorrow's friendly w the angmohs again. Think at the rate we're going, we're improving a lot. Go MSG, train hard to fulfill our common dream okay !


Becks feeling lazy;
signing out, xoxo.