Sunday, June 24, 2007

trip to town; shirley's bbq.

ROOAAARRRS. I'm super pissed off now. My mum's either pms-ing or suffering from menopause. I can't stand it when she throws her stinky temper on us when the irony is, she told us not to throw our temper at home. gaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. All thanks to her, I can't watch initial-D and I've got nothing else to do at home besides blogging.

zzz... nevermind.

Met up with April and Ethel after their dance. and blahblahblah, I went off to Shirley's birthday celebration. Barbequed and then mahjong-ed the whole night. Was losing a bit, then after ChangYong took over, lose like hell. Lucky he said he'll pay for everything. hehh. Reached home this morning at 8am then sleeeeeeep all the way.

muahahahahas. Trying to enjoy the last few hours of holidays ! Not intending to finish up the remaining homework already. Have to start revision soon.


Friday, June 22, 2007


hoyeahh people, missed me? *giggles*

Sorry for being missing in action for almost a month on the net. My sickening brother spoiled his com, and then he spoiled mine. So now, I've to use my sister's laptop to update my dearest readers. heh. missed blogging so much, so *warning*, this post might be superrrrrrr longwinded.

Alrights. June holidays gonna be over. I've been in such a nerd mode that I've completed more than 3/4 of my homework and finished reading Kevin Lewis's book, 'The Kid'. I need to get to Kinokuniya for more books and fashion magazines. Hmm, still leaves me with lots of time for shopping sprees !

I think I should really get that t-shirt with the prints saying 'I got an A+ in shopping.' hahahas. I've walked the whole of Bugis thrice and the whole of Town twice. I've got pretty much all of the stuffs that I wanted and I seriously need a new wardrobe now. The only thing that I want very very much now is a bag.

Speaking about bags, I promised my sister to get her the Jimmy Choo bag that Jessica Alba has. bahhhhhh, I know this sounds a bit crazy, but yeah, she's my sister and I love her. (: what to do? hahaha. Might be going to Christina Aguilera's concert with her too.

oh well, leave that aside. I'm starting to miss all the good old times shared in council and guides. Now's time to focus on the big 'O's. and......Mr Teo ain't that bad laa. hahahas. I'm loving 4e7 and Ms Soh, even more after that outing at Pasir ris, already.

lalalaaaaas. Ok, seems like things are going back on the right track now. Let's just hope that everything stays this way.

Alrights, I'm going off to watch zhuanjiaoyudaoai dvd and catch some sleep. Haven't been getting enough sleep these days. Probably because of my piggy nature or because of late nights out. rarhhh, can't sleep properly also because of my new piercing. Now my ear looks as red as pig's ears.

sleeeeeeping awayyyyyy~