Wednesday, May 23, 2007

survey. (weird)

This quiz has less than 67 questions.
Choose 7 friends to do this quiz!
Here's what you're supposed to do....and DON'T spoil the fun.

1. Start Time: 5.22pm
2. Name: Becky
3. Nickname: Israel calls me Hamster& supergirl. Bryan calls me gongzhu.
4. Astrology sign: Leo
5. Gender: Female
6. Hair color: Black
7. Eye color: Black
8. Height: 160cm
9. Favorite color: pink

1o. Glasses: yes
11. tattoos: no
12. Birthplace: ThomsonMedicalCentre
13. Area code: ?
14. TRUE friends: you know it :/

******HAVE YOU EVER*****

15. cut your own hair? : yes
16. Done something in the past regret?: yes
17. Have you ever met someone you were not supposed to? : yes
18. Skipped school? : yes
19. Bungee jumped? : no; would like to.
2o. Punched someone? : yes
21. Cheated on someone? : no
22. Been arrested? : no
23. Broken into someones house?: no
24. Been to a funeral? : yes
25. Used a lighter? : yes


26. Season: winter
27. Ice cream flavor: strawberry
28. School subject(s): nothing?
29. Candy: candyfloss (:
3o.Breakfast: Mac's SausageMcmuffin with egg
31. Juice: Apple
32. Book(s): Tuesdays with Morrie
33. Movie(s): 2oo pond beauty
34. Song(s): manymany
35. Letter(s): "letters of a teenager"- actually, it's a book.
36. Favorite fast food restaurant : Macdonalds
37. Disney Princess: Sleeping beauty
38. TV station: Channel 5
39. Name for a son: never thought that far
4o. Name for a daughter: never thought that far

******DO YOU PREFER*****
41. Chocolate or Vanilla? : choc
42. Alcoholic or not? : not, but can't control.
43. Scary movies or comedies? : both?
44. Short or long hair? : depends
45. Croutons or bacon bits? :bacon bits


46. Mexicans in general: red
47. School: Junior colleges
48. Grass: chlorophyll
49. Cow: milk
5o. Canada: leaf
51. Mouse: ISRAEL
52. Hands: racial harmony?

******THE PAST 3 DAYS, HAVE YOU******
53. Watched a movie? : no
54. Talked on the phone?: yes
55. Cried? : no
56. Choked?: yes
57. Drank a glass of water? : yes
58. Done Drugs? : yes, medicine.
59. Read a book or magazine? : yesyesyes
6o. Watched TV? : yes
61. Looked in the mirror? : yes
62. Taken a shower? : yes
63. Taken a picture? : yes
64. Listened to music? : yes
65. Kissed someone? : no
66. Told someone you liked them: no
67. End time: 531.

ok, it killed my boredom for 9 minutes.

;)Now for the Lucky picks:
(2): LYDIA
(4): ETHEL
(6): JORGE

Must do! And pass it on to your "lucky picks".

Friday, May 18, 2007

Zhong Ji Yi Ban

Ho yeahh, great to have a clear mind, at least, I'm not drowning in the sea of sorrows anymore. Thought through many things, and I've made up my mind about what I want, ultimately. It doesn't matter whether people sees my goal or not, because I'm living my own life and not other's. This time round, my goal's fixed and nothing's going to stop me from reaching it.

Few more months to O'levels, not much time left. Even if the rest don't believe in me, I know I can pull it through. I'll prove you guys wrong. After these happenenings, it's going to be the start of something new, a turning point in my life. Just wait and see...

I've pulled myself up, a different, stronger me. move along, move along.

Though I'm down with fever of 39degrees, and something's wrong with my right eye, my spirit's still high. Ok, not high, but at least I'm no longer emo. So people, don't worry. I told you, I'll be fine and well. "All I need is time, a moment that is mine while I'm in between."

:D :D :D

ok, now I'm giggling while watching 终极一班. It's damn funny laa.
can still remember 大东 was so sweet. There's this girl who wrote 2 letters a week to him while she was in America, heh, cause she liked him laa. He didn't write back a single letter to her cause he didn't dare laa, even though he liked her too. BUT, he's damn sweet laa. He kept all the 547 letters nicely in a box and he actually memorised every single letter by heart. so sweet ! lovely.

okok, have to take dinner now. miss me aite?

Monday, May 14, 2007


Result's back. No comments. JORGE OWES ME A SWENSON TREAT. Going to School is such a waste of time for me. Every morning go to class, take attendance, then whole day slack throughout while the others are having MT intensive. what the hell laas. =.=

Today, went arcade-siao with April. I'm starting to love arcades again, feels good, i think. BUT, totally sucks big time when you have no cash. *ka-ching! * and yeahh, that dumb Jonathan bluffed Siyuan, said I actually plays Initial-D. He actually naively believes it laa. Few days later, saw him in Funland and he asked me to play Initial-D with him. I just gave him that silly grin and walked away. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.

boooooohooooo. :/

My stupid headache is back and it's annoying me like hell. Think my liver's not functioning properly too. There's this sharp pain i'm feeling, somewhere near ahhhh, my gastric? Aiyaa, don know laa; let's just assume it's not the after-effect of too much alcohol. SEE ! self-deceiving again. HAIYAAAA, who cares laa. IM GOING CRAZZZZZEEEEHHHHH.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


saw this on baobei litong's blog.

"I'm at becky's blog.listening to Nelly Furtado's "All good things come to an end"Things weren't good for my dahling sister,But i know you can pull through this. Because i believe in you.I want you to know that, We are all beside you.that very big circle that you know, No-one breaks thru. (:"

thankyou sister, for always being there.
i won't let you down, or let jorge or lydia down.
i'll just keep running and running, and i know someday i'll see the light.