Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Hohoho ! Doctor diagnosed. I'm suffering from Meniscus tear. In their very very chim term, it's a medial cartilage meniscus injury. Blahblahblah. That means I'll have to stop training for weeks and weeks. and it also means, more glucosamine. Damn it. NO TRAININGS. With the amount of junk I eat everyday, it's no doubt that I'll start putting on weight. brshhhh. maybe that's a plus point since I'm underweight? (I'm trying to be an optimist.)

Tomorrow's labour day ! *3 cheers* Finally having a chance to sneak out for some fun. I need a break from mugging. wait. Actually, I like mugging. The feeling of self-accomplishment, I tell you, it's awesome. Seriously ! Now that I can't kick ball, I shall be a full-time mugger ! I mug as hard as I play. You know, it's kinda irritating to keep hearing people say Meridians are die-hard muggers. They make us sound like some geeky nerds but for goodness sake, we have a life ! we're humans too ! True blue Meridians can work and also play like mad. Ok, maybe it's a bit too early to judge whether I made the right choice in entering Meridian, but I must say I'm glad I didn't end up somewhere else where I'll keep slacking. The environment matters. The people matters.

So yupps, I've did quite a bit of revision for Econs. It's getting more and more interesting because I'm understanding what I'm learning. Covered until merit and demerit goods. I'm glad I cleared my doubts with Ms Arvin yesterday and didn't stock up the uncertainties. Or else, I can bid goodbye to a passing grade for midyears. Heyheyhey, "Uncertainties" sounds like a physics term I've learnt during PAE. Ok, whatever, I can't do physics for nuts. All the moment, work, energy... Chemistry is much more interesting to me. OOOOOHH ! My first A level Chemistry SPA is on next Monday. First hurdle to clear to get to the ultimate destination. I think I'm like studying so much harder now as compared to how it was for O levels. No more shopping on weekends, hanging out late after school. Drastic change, I must say. Lost the rigour for shopping. I'll revive it tomorrow. Retail therapy with my card tomorrow yo ! So catch me in action tomorrow !


Saturday, April 26, 2008

our target's reached, i suppose.
because real girls play soccer.
but sad to say, Coach banned me from training until my knee recovers.
It sucks to just sit and watch my teammates train.
Nevermind, I'll make myself useful by training goalie.
House Com results out on Monday.
whatever it is, I still have soccer ! and a wonderful bunch of s414s.


我甩掉地球 地球甩掉
只要越跳 越高

Everything's gonna be alright. (:
♥faith the believe, strength to move on.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

colosseum over

Colosseum's over.
Another strike out on my notebook.
Thanks for all your support, esp s414 babes ! (:
I'll miss you cheerleaders. (:
all the "hey bitch!", "true true", "ready ok..." hahaha.

Soccer season !
But guess won't be playing until my leg stops hurting.
Soccer mates are getting more bonded. A good sign.
Girls, I know it's demoralising at times, but try to think positively alright?
We're just J1s, have a year to train.
I'm pretty sure we'll be able to make it into the first 11 as long as we keep on trying.
Keep trying, don't back out cause we're in this together, a team. (: (:
--mjc mjc goooooo!--

hahahaha. and s414, quit slacking ! Last for Chem test in the cohort eh ?!
So embarrassing ! Better start studying alrights.
Thanks Meishan, Dionna and gang for cheering me up in school these days.
Am always cheerful with you girls around. :D will write your postcards soon, I promise !
& when is our long planned PICNIC !?


I just browsed through my gallery and saw this photo.
Phoenixes, wherever you are, you're on my heart, always !
Sophia, if you ever see this in Australia, I MISS SEEING YOU !

this is getting so emotional okay? shutup.
I'm off to do something productive, like trigo maybe.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

i keep laughing i dont know why.


Saturday, April 12, 2008


this is for eleanor !

Friday, April 04, 2008


Completed my PI 2nd draft ! I'm like sooo happy.
Just hope that Ms Chia don't ask me to change my PI again.

Don't know whether it's lucky that I fell sick today or not.
Good thing is I didn't have to rush my gp and gsc homework.
Bad thing is I missed soccer training and had to cancel cheerleading training too.
Lucky today's self training without coach.

okok. just here to list down the stuffs i'll have to try and clear by this weekends.

1. GSC essay
2. GSC mindmap
3. Economics essay 1b
4. Maths recurrence relations assignment
5. Maths mathematical induction tutorial
6. Chemistry gases e-learning
7. Chemistry TYS topic 1 pg 132-134
8. Chemistry Atomic Structure tutorial
9. Photocopy my medical certificate and pass to Ms Tan and Ms Lee.
10. Photocopy House com nomination form to Syaf and Ms Swee.
11. Study for Chem redox test on Monday
12. Study for Maths test on Thursday
13. Change cheerleading routines, settle costume with team.
14. Go for heats.

--serious nerd mode--

the compliment is, work hard now and I'll suffer less when it comes to summer test.
Moreover, I'm going to Taiwan before the summer test.
I don't want to waste the entire trip worrying about exams ! :D