Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Jeremy hurt my little finger/ bitching?/ Made things clear.

oh god, I'm seriously depriving of sleep. bloody ecube camp driving me nuts can ! Lucky our timetable changed again and we don't have to stay until 4.30pm just for biology. muahahahas. ChangMin's my driving force. oh yah ! JEREMY GOH XIAN WEI, I'm gonna make you sosososo famous for hurting my precious finger. hahahas, no lah, it was partially my fault, so it's even now. but my little finger still hurts. =x.

I shall not delete that particular entry just because somebody said it was some kind of immatured bitching. LOLS. Even if that was childish of me, what's that got to do with you? I know you're over 20 BUT that DOES NOT mean that you're not as childish as whoever else is. Go ahead and scold us if you want to, HOLD ON, I recalled that you once said you wouldn't give a damn about all the 26 of us. hohoho, liar liar pants on fire! BOOHOOHOO. tralalalalas, I can't be bothered about this anymore. We're all used to it anyway.

To XXX who might be reading my blog anytime:
You can go ahead and wait, cry, and get upset about what had happened. I've already made things clear to you. You don't want to accept the fact then that's your problem. You see, I wouldn't know that you lied to me until like last few days when I found out through other means. There's no need for you to apologise for making me sad and all, because I am NOT sad at all. It doesn't even affect me. You can lie to me this time, and you can lie to me another time, I wouldn't know at all. So, I don't see the point of holding on. and I don't understand why are you sending me those sms-es. Are you begging me to pity you or something? If that's what you're trying to do, then let me tell you this, you're making me feel irritated, instead of pulling me back. We're so far apart now and that distance can never be the same as before anymore. You can go ahead and blame me for tearing your heart apart so ruthlessly, or even, lets say cheating on you, or whatsoever, I don't care. If you still want to carry on like this, I suggest you to go and get a life. I've had enough. -end of story-

ohyah! I found the lollies or "candy canes" that WeeTheng baobei wanted! oohohohohoho. ok, I really need some sleep to get rid of those sickening eyebags. hurhurhurs. nights people. 5201314. <3.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The treasures of my life.

Long weekend for me, but that means my mt 0s is just two days ahead. How i wish exams and lessons can be over, then I'll have more time to spend with my darlings and TXS . Movie marathon and K-boxing ehhs ? tralalalalas ~

Finally, last night, three of us (TXS) get to chat together after such a long time . Though it's just via msn, but I know that we truly care for each other, and remember that we'll stand by each other no matter what happens. Told Lydia darling about what had happened recently . yeas darling, I'll follow my heart and I won't regret my decisions. Metal sisters can NEVER bend . I've seen the true side of many things and I know that whatever happens, in this cold and dark world, I'll still have you two great sisters whom I can always rely on . Don't worry about me alrights, I'm staying strong, fine and well, even happy .

and and and of course I can never forget my precious family; the ROYAL one. ehehes, I'm really glad that we've been together for 3 years already. We've helped each other discover many things that we once didnt knew at all, especially the idiot living within ourselves. muahahas . Our friendship's just unbreakable . and I think sometimes we're telepathic, don't you girls think so?

We speaked out our mind under that shimmering moonlight. Now that I know, I'm sorry too .

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

No more Princess Hours, hell with my family.

gahh . Horrible day for me . I woke up at 11am again today because I stayed up late to watch Princess Hours . Craap lor, cried the hell out of myself while watching the last two discs . Finally finished watching all the 24 discs, but I can imagine how horribly I looked last night . Luckily my family were all asleep, otherwise I'll probably scare them to death with my crying . =Pp .

Ohkaay, so today I woke up and got scolded again by my mum, the empress dowager . You guys might or might not know how blur I am when I just wake up from sleep, but yes I am super duper blur (I'm not afraid of announcing it because It's not something shameful >.< ) So, yeah, answered my mum's question abruptly and she thought I was showing her some kinda shit attitude. Ohhh, how sad. She can use this misunderstanding and nag and scream and yell for the whole day, like I care. Then she complained that my rooms were too messy. So, fine, I cleared up. Nothing happened then. But my mood's kinda sucky now. Don't ask why.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Princess Hours/ Maid of the day

harHARS. i ALMOST fainted when I saw Eugenia's blogskin. Princess Hours! So nice can? Borrowed ShiYuan's DVD. I chiong-ed it over these few days. 10 more discs to go! The song "Perhaps Love" and "Tangsheeneun Naneun Pabo Eemneeda" really can melt my heart lor.

*faints* My mum's watching it now while I be the maid of the day. meooooowwwwww. Woke up at 11.30am today then slack for a while before cooking spaghetti for my family. Super clumsy me scalded my hand. hrgghhh. nevermind! Have to go and do my MT papers soon. Then later at night, It's gonna be Princess Hours Fever. niehehehe. Nobody's gonna stop me! sarangeegayo?

whoo. Holiday's here already but I still have my MT Os to worry about. I must get B3 at least. Time flies so fast larhh. One year just passed within a blink of eye. I am going to start preparing for next year's Os during this holidays. No F9 or D7 for Physics and Biology! whoo! BUT, I will make sure I enjoy myself at the same time. tralalalalalas~

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Planning for Grad day and a day in Town.

wth. That bloody pair of slippers made my foot hurt. Stupid ZhuangYi was like laughing at me when I complained to her. To think that I accompanied her to get her presents. wahlao. nevermind.

Early in the morning met up with a couply of the councillors to plan the grad day. nothing much to plan actually. but fuck, I'm stuck up on stage again for prizepresentation duty. Hrgh, I just hate to do it this year, specifically this year. nevermind. OHYAH! Then this bloody girl working in Macs chased us out from our seats just because another customer wants our seat. Like hello, cannot ask them to sit at other place harhh? Why specifically our table? nevermind, I can tolerate.

Town. zzz. super bored cause I've got no money to spend. nevermind, I can still tolerate. Just that hands very itchy, have to ask Jeremy how he scratches his itchy hands. meoooowww. Now Sophia's making me super sian with her maga sales and products thing. my goodness. Drop me some goldbars now!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Exams are finally over; Ice-skating; Mahjong.

Yes I'm back. Exams are over within a blink of eyes! It's time to relax myself, but of course, not forgetting that there's still Olevel MT. Sian 1/2 . but nevertheless, I'll make sure I play hard enough during this holidays! Yesterday, or rather on Wednesday (Since it"s over 12), went to iceskate. My fourth time there and I managed to skate smoothly, without falling of course. I had never ever fell when skating, incredible yeah? hahas. Did have a great time there, after they stopped playing the stupid English Love songs and started playing some romantic mandopop. hahas. I tell you! I will definitely agree to marry a guy if he proposes to me in the iceskating ring. bloody romantic one. Like what happened in "tian guo der jie ti". LOL. I'm thinking waaaaay too much. who cares?

and today, or rather yesterday, GirlGuides created history again. We won the YTzen challenge trophy. cheerios for all UGs. I missed Eugenia JiaHui and all lahhs. It's been a long time since we hangout together. So, even during today's short period of time, I did enjoy myself with you girls. After which, I went to pril's house for mahjong session. Mahjong are for tai-tais, says who? LOLS. We're very good girls alright. We never bet money one, wouldn't dare to. nieh. Actually, I don't mind having "tai-tai" as my occupation. SERIOUS! If only god treats me that good lahhs. Marissa says I should prolly go marry a dying old man. EXCUSE ME, i'm not that despo for money larhh horh. hees, movie marathon on saturday, or maybe just hanging out with my TXS. can't wait, can't wait.