Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Lecture, tutorials, assignments, p.e, soccer trainings, makeup classes, SM2 programmes, chinese drama, upcoming colosseum cheerleading events.
PI is due on friday. Stress level is building up like nobody's business.

but nonetheless,
I love school ! {"like a nerd."}
I love soccer ! #25.
I love cheer !
I love GSC !
I love PHOBOS !
I love o8s414 !

ofcourse, I've not forgotten my dears in ijc pae 0823c.
Phoenixes, quit slacking !
Mr Jiajian ! I did study and will still be studying !
As usual, won't let you down. :D
&&& happy birthday mel mel !

OKOK, for now,

Monday, March 17, 2008










Step up 2 was "Awesome ! Oh wow ! You totally freaked me out."
Seriously. It made me wanna groove to the blasting soundtracks.
Dance Dance all the way.

& my china buddy is damn cute. She bravely fell asleep during the PW lecture when the lecturer is directly at her 12 oclock direction. :D

this last section is for my dears out there.
{Dionna: Hang in there girl. Bleed it out once and for all. Get me? I'll be in school with you everyday to gao xiao with you. :) }

{Litong: Super love chats huh? See, we don't meet often but as Lydia always say, "our hearts are linked". TXS loves. Inform me when's next Tzuchi's event? }

{Lydia: Don't get so stressed up my dear. O's will be over in no time soon. Brave through the storms and you'll finally get to see the rainbow. TXS loves. }

& to all who's out there feeling blue because it's monday today or because of any other reason, stop emoing and start smiling !
I give you 3 big smiles ! :D :D :D
too bad Singapore don't have free-hugs-day.

Friday, March 14, 2008



*eat fresh*

Monday, March 10, 2008


First soccer training was 3 days ago.
I'd rather play midfield than be a left back.
Don't know why coach put me on the left for both halfs.
I'm 101% right legger man.
This means more training. :/

I can't wait to use my notebook.
sony vaio sz79. i love my daddy !
Felicia better thank me for the commission.
retail therapy for the last two days.
I want more shopping and less tutorials please !
:D more to come this holidays.

off to the airport to fetch my fat banana, that stupid lil brother.
I missed him like hell for the past 6 days !
He better get me something from China, like, beijing roast duck.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


My mind is gone, I'm spinning round.
and deep inside, my tears I'll drown.
I'm losing grip. What's happening?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

soccer girl

YAAAYY. I'm like recovering.
just having some splitting headaches now and then.
and especially drowsy after bus rides.
appetite's back but very very low in blood glucose conc.
so I've been eating a lot a lot and I really mean a lot of sweets these days.
and the after effect is ... SUGAR FIX.
damn hyperactive kid. :/
and people, Dionna and me are not ahlians.
hahaha. We are really seriously truthfully very nice people ! :x
and I promised Teckquan I'll clip up my fringe and pull up my socks tmr.
see ! Sooooo good girl.
lalalala. and damn it, didn't get into dance !
Aline and the rest too. nevermind.
I got into soccer ! just as fine !
wheeeeee. "ram it like ron" rmb?
wondering who's my teammates !
:D :D :D

--off to catch up with the innovians--

Saturday, March 01, 2008


will update on the MJ orientation some time.
having this fever virus thingy.
feeling soo cold.
gotten a Jab at the hospital.
off to bed.
Hope I get well soon.
3 days mc.