Saturday, March 31, 2007

Lydia's brkup.

I'm goddamn bored, and tied up with so many troubles. So weighed down as if there's a gigantic stone above me.

There's just too many things happening to me, and those around me.

Yesterday was definitely not my day. blahblahblah. I'm not here to rant and go on and on about what's happening, for I know I will pull myself strong enough to overcome the obstacles.

I'm here for my dearest Lydia.
When I saw you yesterday, you were so different from the Lydia that I first met. Your smiles were no longer as cheerful as the ones in the past, and I know, behind those broken smiles, you're going through a lot. I know it's hard on you, girl, but do you remember what we promised ourselves? remember "metal xing"? remember how tough you were when you've decided to get over those good-for-nothings?

It really breaks my heart to see you in this state. I just want to remind you that I'll always be here for you, always. And... you know it's not just me. There's Litong too, and jorge too. No matter how many promises you're gonna break, remember, in front of us, you don't have to pretend like how your hiding from the rest. You can count on us to fall on, no matter how torn you are. We'll stand by you, and I'm sure if you bring yourself up, we're going to make it through the rain, together.

iloveyou, sister. <3

Saturday, March 24, 2007


I'm high over 爱的主旋律 ~
It's a duet by 卓文萱 and 小鬼 . Super sweet music video.

CLICK HERE Lyrics for you to sing along with. :D

是你的声音 带给我勇气
恋爱的频率 直到我心底
如果你愿意 是的我愿意
从前的实际 现在我相信
天空会放晴 爱会更甜蜜
如果你愿意 是的我愿意
爱的主旋律 永远唱下去

Sugary sweet aites?
说我傻的可以 还不是因为你 <3

*If you guys can't see the words, try refreshing the page.

Friday, March 23, 2007

My bruised knee; decent blog finally.

Ohyeahh. Finally sorted out the screwed blogskin. *Wipes off sweat* Must thank April and HuiMeng for helping with it. *cuddles*

Anyway, I didn't turn up for school today. and... if right now you're thinking that I purposely used my injured knee as an excuse for not attending school, you're sooo bloody wrong. I've become more obedient already lor. It's just that the pain from that bruised knee was unbearable whenever I walk. Nah, don't have to worry. My daddy brought me to a licensed physician already, a much better one. Hopefully I can get well by tomorrow morning and see my team play. I miss Zenith, and everyone else. :D

Brhhh, I'm super broke now. All my money used up to foot medical bills. Doctors eat money ah! I'll get HuiMeng to bomb your clinics with her nuclear bombs. hehh. People, I'm broke now. So, ask me out when I'm a lil more richer, unless you're gonna pay everything, including my transport fees, for me. Muahahas.

Hoho, HuiMeng just sent me a photo which reminds me of the lollipop JiaSheng's gotten for me from genting. It's almost similar, just that mine was purple.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My injured knee.

Ohgosh. I think I'm super accident-prone. I slipped over a few puddles of water and my left kneecap landed on the floor. That was .... not so painful. UNTIL, i went home, bathed, and then the bruise appeared. It's a lot bigger than a 50 cent coin you know! But I still went to school laa. and some idiots out there imitated how I was limping around. I don't think it's funny in anyway ok? Try falling like that and you'll know how painful it is!

Nevermind. I went to see a Chinese Sinseh already. The same one that i went to when I had my fists bandaged. The uncle must be thinking,"How come this girl so accident-prone one ah?" Hahahahas. It totally beats me. Bloody painful. Sheesh. Well, at least I can still manage to climb up and hop down the stairs, board the bloody bus without falling throughtout the journey, and even bathe without wetting the bandage. Muahahahas... Powderful me.


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Pastamania; kbox-ing.

It's gonna be emo-ing till tuesday. boohooooooo.

Went to the HSBC Treetop walk for Community Heart Day. I must say, MONKEYS ARE CUTE. On Beyond Classroom Day, we visited NTU, Nanyang Technological University. I hereby apologise to one of the professors, whom I cannot remember his name, for falling asleep during his lecture. yeah. University students are god damn smart. I feel so intimidated.

After the NTU trip, we had sort of a small class outing with MsSoh. Ate our lunch at Jurong Point, then caught a movie "Pursuit of happiness". I"ll rate it 5 stars. hehh. Went back home then met up with Merlin Baby to go ZhongHua Clinic to cure my hand. I didn't know what was wrong with my hand, but seems like my thumb cannot stretch. But, the stupid ZhongHua closed already. So went to 900 plus there. eeek. The uncle was freaking scary, but anyway, he got my hand bandaged. Lydia's so gonna kill me for not taking care of myself.

So, after that, April and Philo met up with us, then waited for Ethel, and off we went to Causeway for Pastamania treat. Hurray! I love cream based pasta. and oops, not supposed to drink fizzy drinks cause of my hand, but I forgot about it. hahahas. Then it's KBOX time at AngMoKio. The auntie so good, gave me free membership. Baby said she won't sing but end up she also sang. Whee! Thursday's ladies night, 12 plus dollars. KBOX anyone?

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Slacking after Term Tests.

Hurray! Finally, it's the end of the TermTests which means nothing but... Celebration, and of course, praying for good results.

I've realised that I don't listen in Physics, Biology and Humanities classes. In fact, many of my classmates(including me), agree that the teacher's teaching makes no difference. We can simply flip our textbook and read from it. Hence, yours truly have found something else to do to keep myself entertained during these lessons, and that is, to eat Pistachios.

Let's welcome... MrNutty!

The pathetic remainings of Mr.Nutty.

That was how bored we got. WeiZhou and I found some nuts that were fully closedup. So, we came up with crazy ideas to open the nut. We placed the nut in the staplers, cut the nut using scissors, bite the nut open, and I couldn't remember what else we did. Oh yes, MissJiangWeiZhou carefully placed the nut under one of the chair's legs and sat on it. We were applying the law of physics. hehh.. I pity the nut.

But I think, I pity my classroom's ceiling even more. It looked as if some kind of tornado or storm came.

LOL. Nevermind, it doesn't affect me unless a dead rat falls down from the above and lands in my territory. I will scream like how Siti had screamed when whoever swept the dust from the Projector on her.

Ohman, tomorrow morning's the crosscountry run.

I'm looking forward to the later part of the day. Again, don't ask why. (: