Sunday, January 28, 2007

Macdonald's study camp?

Slacking at Macdonalds on Friday and Saturday. Actually, not slacking, but studying. Can't believe that huh? Too bad, it's true. BUT... of course it's also not wrong that I lazed a bit during studying. Some random photos that tells it all.

Say hello to your greatest, ICETEA!

Double the cheese, double the fun !

Monday, January 22, 2007

No inappropriate behaviour in Macdonalds.

Just a simple reminder that we cannot talk, cannot whisper, cannot laugh in Macdonalds. Hurhur, like I care huh?

Marissa my dearest pyeha, nevermind those grotesque people, we were innocent, and still is. muahahahas. Join April and I in our propoganda to "SPREAD THE LOVE". hurray. That's Aprilism, her idealogy.

and ChangMin's as cute as ever. Thousand smiles !

Saturday, January 20, 2007

down down down.

Moody me went quite mad last week, or rather, I'd say, out of control. Scolded almost everyone who was sitting near me in class, of course, they didn't take take it to heart because I wasn't at all serious about it. I always, always forget to take my medicine.

Had been walking home from interchange even though I've yet to recover. *sighs* Recently been confronted by so many cheap people. I do not understand why some guys are so desperate for a girlfriend that they go around asking girls for number. Please, just go ask the other girls out there and leave me alone. I hate it when strangers ask me for my number. You can say I'm unfriendly, just effing go away and don't step on my tail.

Yesterday was the sec1 PTR. In order to keep my mind off certain things, I worked so crazy like never before. Cheers for all councillors who came down WILLINGLY to help. Sheesh, yesterday's Macdonald's Regular Coke made my throat even worse. Went home with Malcolm and Yvonne, then I'm out of house again at around 12am. I'm loving late nights out alone.

So, today's just another day. Went to Temasek Poly's Open house to meet up with Sara Jiahui Siti Kameliah. Boyfriend lazy so didn't come along. You owe us one! Hmm, no mood for shopping though. ohh! and I survived on just a Macdonald's regular lemontea for today. believe it or not. Just when I made the decision to get my life back on track, my family spoils everything.

My Lydia Girl, now you're home, better listen to your mum alrights. Don't let us worry anymore. Litong, Lydia, Jorge, Bryan: Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Even though I'm going through all this shit now, I am still here for you. Having the urge to drink again. motherfocker.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

start of school; start of something new.

The Secondary One Orientation is finally over. Lessons resumed as per normal for me yesterday. I've already cleared all my holiday assignments. *clapsclaps* Now that we're all sitting in single files, I am able to concentrate more, i hope. LOL. But I am still falling asleep in classes, actually, just social studies lessons. Schooling feels so different now. Maybe I'm feeling "rusty from my hibernation"- quote from MsSoh's Msn nick. Hehh, my o'levels year. I'm shivering at the thought of it. Well, maybe I won't stay online for too long these days. Ohyahh, our level motto sucks like don't know what! "Reach hIgher". Take Note, the 'I' is purposely in Caps, for the school believes in the core value, Integrity. hurhur, how -.- is that.