Sunday, December 31, 2006

sum up for year 2006.

Well, needless to say, everyone knows today is the last day of year 2006. This year was not as smooth-sailing as any of the last 15 years I've lived, even this year's countdown is spent at home, with my brother.

2006= my Secondary 3 life. I can still remember very clearly that most of us had a not-so-good impression of our own class, 3e7. All of us thought it was going to be yet another boring class with nerdy classmates. BUT, it turned out rather different. Recalling back at our Sec3 camp, it was such a pity that I was splitted up from my class as I had to take on the responsibility of a camp leader. That was the time when most of us got together and created a legacy, one that we can never forget. The Sec3 camp, June outing at EastCoast, Teachers' day celebration, Post-exam dance, November Chalet, and even our daily scenes in our classroom will always stay within me. To all 3e7'o6 or 4e7'o7 phoenixes, let's continue to burn with passion and together, we'll graduate as one through the 0 levels.

YTG3, I believe that we've all grown up to be more matured and sensitive after what happened this year. All I can say is that I've never regretted coming into guides because you girls are the ones who made my guiding life fruitful and enjoyable. Even though we're always being looked down on, we stood firm on our grounds together, and remained as a happy batch. We've been through all odds and definitely, credits must be given to Felicia and Denise, for helping us and standing by us no matter what. YTG3, I won't forget you all.

Another heavy responsibility as a Sec3 level coordinator. To tell all of you the truth, I'm utterly disappointed by most of you. From total strength of 26, it became 25, then 24. When we need you guys to come down for duty, I get a thousand and one excuses. Some are even better, simply a "i don't know about the meeting" when i clearly remembered I've informed all of you. ZhuangYi and I, and some others have been working our butts off for the council, for all you. All we want from you is your co-operation, your commitment. We know you have other commitments, but at the very least, be honest with us because we have TRUST in you. It's quite clear that the council is falling. Sometimes I wonder, whether is it because I've failed as your coordinator. Do you guys want to continue being looking down on? I've worked so hard that I fell sick during the open house, and during the registration period. WHY? because I do not want the others to look down on us, I wanted to save that image we have. All of us are clear about the situation now. It's all up to you whether you want to make a difference and change things. I'm already very tired. I have no extra energy to push you guys on. Please, I believe you guys still have that little flame within you, so don't make me disappointed again in year 2007. I'm hanging on for you all. If you have any opinions, voice it out to all of us.

Year 2006 is not my year. Many unpleasant stuffs happened and I simply don't wish to bring it all up. People entered, people left. I'm glad that my dearests are still with me. Ethel, April, Marissa. 3 years and still going on. (: Lydia and LiTong, needless to say. WeeTheng and Jorge Baobei, always there to cheer me up. CheeHan and Paul korkor, my problem-solvers. JiaJian, thanks for listening to my sorrows and share my happiness. My boyfriend Eugenia, always there to crap with me! Last but not least, my shifu Roland Xu (I need more guidance from you).

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. I'm late by a few minutes. >.< Well, let's hope 2007 is a greater year even though that's our 0 level year. All the Best to all !

Monday, December 25, 2006

23/24/25 dec

23rd dec: Went off to Singapore Expo for City Harvest Church Service with my usual girls. The drama and singing was definitely meaningful and enjoyable. I don't know why but after attending this event, I'm kinda brainwashed. When my sister comes back from Australia, I'll ask her to go CityHarvest. There were great people we met there, like Jason, Josephine, WenHui, Irene and manymany more. Well, Ethel went crazy at the airport, saying 'hi' to every air stewardess or pilot she saw. Her enthusiasm bounced into me, you know like some kind of propoganda. OHyeah, I had a sugarrush the whole day. So, very conveniently I pop-ed out in front of the malnutritioned Santa Clause and stole his candies. muahahaha. I'm the evil queen.

24th dec: I jumped out of bed early in the morning because Sophia messaged me and told me she's sick and can't make it for study group. I was like," die, homework how?" I msged JiaSheng and both of us decided to continue studying. Rain, rain, study, study. It was already 4.30pm. Then April, WenJie, Samuel, Joel met us and we headed off to town. I was craving for Seoul Garden on that day, so all of them agreed to have Seoul Garden. When we reached Marina Square's Seoul Garden, we were shocked at the price. So, we went to find other dining area. In the end we still popped back to Seoul Garden. That disappointment in me vanished and I was in extremeeeeely high spirits. heh. AND, I saw my cousin there too! Miss her hell loads. Dinner, dinner, dinner. The guys were so mean. They attempted to make me choke on my fishballs by cracking stupid yet funny jokes. The aim was to see me with an Adam's Apple. hrghhh. never mind, I won't blame those small kiddies. =x

Today's Christmas already, and I'm super happy even though I just spent the whole day at home. Don't question me. (:

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Party World robs people's money !

*coughs* Let me update on the events on 21st december 2006.

Went to Town for movie, "Night in the Museum". Thumbs up! And then went to Safra Yishun for the appreciation dinner. The dinner was like, WOW. haha. "WOW", you know. Escaped to PartyWorld to sing our hearts out. It was awesome. You guys should see how Kevin sang, with his funny gestures, accompanied by his "yeah". Our Happy Hours ended when that woman came into the room and showed us the bill. Our jaws dropped wiiiiiiiiiiddddeeeee open. The bill came out to be $103.95, when we thought it was only gonna be 50 plus. We freaked out, but LUCKY, we had enough money with us. YOU PEOPLE STILL OWES ME MONEY OK! muahahahas. Now I'm broke. boohoo. LOUSY.

Friday, December 15, 2006

damn bored so i did this funny stuff.

The pain's killing me, so I've decided to do something to stop thinking about it. SURVEY.

(1) Who did you last go out with?
- Pang Zhuang Yi.

(2) What do you want to receive on your birthday?
- Check out my wishlist.

(3) Reach your hand out to the right. What do you touch?
- Sec1 registration dutylist.

(4) What time did you sleep last night?
- should be this morning, 4am.

(5) What's the wallpaper on your compt?
- mickey mouse.

(6) What can you hear besides the computer?
- music (DBSK balloons)

(7) Do you agree to the saying "to Forgive is to forget"?
- Maybe.

(8) When, where was the last time tears started to roll down your cheek?
- Weeks ago. Home.

(9) What/who makes you happy?
- I have no idea.

(10) What make you sad?
- memories?

(11) What are your favorite books?
- Eng Fictions. say no to DISCOVERIES.

(12) What would you like to have right at this moment which seems totally impossible?

(13) Who will you turn to if you have a huge problem that not all your friends know

(14) What's your favorite song at the moment?
- DBSK's Balloons.

(15) What was the last song that kept ringing on your mind last night before you sleep?
- Christina Aguilera's Hurt.

(16) What was the best event that happened last year?
- ehehe. shhhh !

(17) Where did you go today?
- School, home, school, Yishun's Burger King.

(18) Last thing you eat?
- I cannot remember.

(19) Who were you with? Were they cool?
- ehehe. shhhh !

(20) Have you gone to the beach just with your buddies?
- yaa. many many times with many many buddies.

21)Do you love sunsets?
- yaa.

22)When is your b-day?
- 31o791.

(23)What are your wishes for your birthday?
- ehehe. shhhh !

(24)Who do you wanna be w/ on the day of your birthday?
- I want a big party with ALL my friends and anyone special.

(25)Have you ever felt that you've been taken for granted?
- yaa. that two BITCH.

(26) thing/s you regret?
- I once regretted, now I don't. There's no point living with regrets.

(27) Is there anything else you want to do besides answering this survey?
- Runaway from Home.

(28)What's the most important sentence/s that lingers in your mind right now?

(29)cookies n' cream or double dutch?
- none.

(30)Chocolate cake or brazo 'ni'
- Chocolate cake.

(31)Do you know how to drive?
- I always lost in Daytonas. sucker.

(33) Do you like spongebob?
- lame but WHO CARES? He's cute.

(34) Do you know how to play the guitar?
- no.

(35) Who's the last person you texted?
- ehehe. shhhh !

(37) KFC or Kenny Rogers?

(38) Do you find yourself sexy?
- NO.

(39) Hotdogs or cheesedogs?
- ALL.

(41)is there someone you're missing right now?
- There's hell loads of people I am missing. My TXS esp!

(43) Where did you go last Friday?
- I have STM, sorry.

(44) What did you do there?
- boohoo. stop reminding me of my STM.

(45) Who were you with?

(46) Last watched movie?
- Dejavu.

Council Planning; Gastric

Council planning is driving me mad. I need to let everything out. PARDON ME AGAIN.


RARRRRRRH ! crap. My gastric is horrendously at work again, probably because I've been skipping my meals? ahhhh, "everything is f-ed up, straight from the heart." I can't get to sleep nowadays and I seriously don't know why. You'll probably see me on the streets half-dead like a ... zombie? whatever.

hurhur. Where's the heart that I call home?

Monday, December 11, 2006

Night out; that SAFRA event.

Wow. I just realised I haven't been posting any decent entries for quite some time. Well, jump into my time machine and I'll bring you back to my last few days!

Saturday, I went to Safra Race event briefing with Ethel, ChonMun, WenJie, Samuel, Kevin and TeckSeng. We swooped groupings and I ended up in the same team as Ethel. Muahahas. After settling in my new group, I found this girl sitting beside me so familiar. She was ELAINE, my swim-mate. NO WONDER. I liked my group.

After the meeting, I sent Ethel to Yishun MRT and I went wondered around Northpoint. Town and Grandma house. MY GREAT DAY. Came out from House again at 11.30pm, then met Ethel. Saw CheeHan kor again, with another zharboh. He call me siao Zharboh leh! GOOD. We intended to tonn at Candy's House that area, but we went all over the place and landed at somewhere near KongJiak's house. I was bloody sleepy at that time, yet I didn't want to sleep because I knew that once I sleep, I can never get up again. Finally it was 4.30am and we walked back to Safra Yishun. The starry starry night was fabulous. The view was breath-taking, I swear.

FINALLY, it's Sunday. All of the volunteers dragged our feets to SAFRA. All the girls complained when we got the fucking ugly event t-shirt. sheesh, we were at this park after that, feeding mosquitoes. Yet, I enjoyed it because my group was full of crappy people like BEN who never fails to sing and crap non-stop. After the whole event, we were waiting at SAFRA for our goodiebags. Some things happened and we didn't get our goodiebags. My blood boiled. I don't intend to share it with all of you here because I'll blow up like a erupting volcano if I do so. Pardon me, thank you.

CHECKPOINT 2 ppl, we rock laa. ELAINE, YU WEN, ANGIE, ETHEL, ME, BEN, BRYAN, HAFIZ. Of course with our double f (fun and fierce) I/C, NOLAND. In memories, we're super rich. Now I regret not taking down their msn. misses^

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Work at Vivien's House; I confused my feelings .

hmm. Let's see what I've been up to or, will be up to recently. Work, work, and still WORK, for a non-stop consecutive long 4 days. It's not really tiring, but I'm always feeling sleepy. Now you see why I'm called piggy. We've finally finished 350 pieces of doorgifts. My hands are already turning soft, yet, on Friday, there's still another set of goods for us to complete. and, on Saturday there's this briefing at Yishun Safra for the Race event on Sunday. Hell work, but I shall tolerate these for money. Money-face me .

I confused my feelings with the truth.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

shopping at j8; hospitalised grandfather; bernice's blog spammer

Had a fabulous night with Marissa and April at junction8. WE LOVE BAPOK. (:
shopped at Purpur, or whatever that shop is called. I feel so cheated. never mind.

I can't seem to think clearly now because I'm freaking worried about my grandfather. He's hopitalised for i-dont-know-what reason. but think he's discharged already. will visit him soon.

To that spammer in Bernice's blog:
So, you claimed you are Hanley's friend. I don't believe Hanley has such a coward friend like you, who don't even dare to put your real name when tagging. So, you used the name as "passer-by" and tagged on her blog, commenting that my Bernice is thick-skinned?! What sources have you got that made you infer that she's thick-skinned? You said she kept on confessing her love to Hanley even though Hanley has rejected her many times. But, is that the true case? I don't know, we don't know, only Bernice and Hanley knows. Even if Bernice really did that, what's the fucking problem with you? I can understand from your point of view that you're trying to help a friend, but look, isn't Bernice suffering too? Isn't it a bit too selfish to just comment such nasty stuffs when you only know one side of the story? Moreover, it's Bernice and Hanley's problem. Don't try to act as if you're the peacemaker and stick your nose into this issue. Get it? and if Bernice have dont nothing like what you said, you're such a bastard/bitch. see! I can't even distinguish your sex now. hurhur. Nothing else to comment when you saw what the others wrote to you right? ohh, how pathetic. Go back home to find your mummy laa, boohoo. motherfucker.