Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hmm... things aren't exactly going smooth for me this week.
Took back some papers and yeah, as predicted, results suck. Actually, not too bad considering the many failed attempts in preparation. Hahaha. Of course, there's not much time left.

6 more days to start of tournament.
and 2 more months to mid years.

There's not much time left to turn these lousy grades into straight As.
But again, my focus is on BOLA. I can't turn it back.
I'm so sorry I suck in this.

and Dean, my name is Becky and not Patsy.
Fazli, my bf's name is Xinkai and not Xiaokun.

lol, jokers.

Becks' feeling aches all over;
signing out, xoxo.


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