Sunday, April 29, 2007

School flood.

Oh well, long time since i've blogged. Shall drop a short post today then continue to mug hard? yeah. Hmm, weather's been rather bad nowadays. rain and rain and rain non-stop. BUT still, i love getting drenched. The only thing i hate about is that it messes up my hair. bloody toot...

Anyway.. classrooms were flooded like siao. haha. look at all the commotion.

hurhur. Luckily it's examination period and we don't experience this...

muahahahas. I think i've gone crazy. One minute very hyper, the next minute I'm emo-ing. *sighs* Don't ask me why.

and and and. won't be back on the net until midyear exam's over. back to mugging ! tatas~

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Resiliency course.

Alright, today's mood: craz-ehhhhh ! :D

That resiliency course was yadaa-yadaa going on and on from 17th to 18th. I guessed I've not wasted my $60 on this course. and yaaaayyy~ I've learnt self-defence against those fucking rapists and molesters. yikes. The thought of their disgusting faces just makes me shiver and wanna puke. yeah, anyway, I've found a newwww hobby! That is, to steal people's bag for nothing and walk around with it. and and and, I love that GREENY-weeny bag in the first photograph. rarrh, makes me feel like ninjaturtle. =x
Oh well. Some stupid shots to share.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Things don't just happen all of a sudden. Time.

Did you hear my heart shatter bit by bit each day? Where were you when I needed you the most? Were you there when I was in pain? So many questions, but there's not at all an answer.

If I didn't care, I wouldn't have cried like hell, I wouldn't have ran away from home, I wouldn't have sewed myself shut from the world. The fact is, I still care, and I hope you care too. You're never gonna be a nobody to me. You mean something.

Everything seems so wrong, too much for me to take.
It's all too hurting.
I seriously need a break.

Sorry, might be all I can say...

Friday, April 06, 2007

ben&jerry; mye

New layout. It ain't great, but I'll work on it some time later.

Midyear exam is coming. Stress level is high, high, high.
but I'm sure the phoenixes will hold on and get through this together.
move along, move along~

Ohman, I'm craving for ben&jerry. Junkfood's my best friend.

Hoping things are indeed getting better as how it seems now.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

April's kbox.

*This is a retyped entry for your blur-like-sotong Becky, who have accidentally clicked on the wrong buttons and deleted the previous entry* darn. I can't remember exactly what had happened on this day. Alright, wait, think....

oh, it was a veryveryvery fun day cause we went to KBOX ! *whistles*

yeah, there was myself, Ethel, Merlin, Philo, and of course, our dearest birthday girl, April. So, we went to cineleisure. Guess who we bumped into on our own there? It was pretty pretty Ms Serene Yeo. whoo! 美女yeo- quote 3e5'06.

lalalas~ and then after our scrumptious dinner at Pastamania, we went to KBOX, the climax of the day. yadayada... They all bullied me. rawwwwhhh! Made me sing duet on my own, like idiot like that, one person sing male and female lines. kns. Nevermind, at least they sang the one and only line "Baby, I still believe". and blahblahblah, cut the details.

Stayed at Block 309's voiddeck while waiting for CheeHan kor to come over and he cycled me around cause I didn't feel like going home for the whole night. Thanks kor. Then blahblahblah... I hated riding bikes, but I love bike rides. How weird is that? blahhhhhh.