Sunday, August 27, 2006

How wonderful it is to have a "nice" family like mine!

Timezone fever. baaaaahhh. My mum's at it again. I need earplugs. darn. My stupid brother annoyedd her this time. She's threatening to take away the computer, the tv, the house phone. Whatever crap. I'll have my laptop soon. Daddy save me. Sheesh, shut the hell up before I walk out of my house. Never will there be peace in my house. fuck.

just reached home and I'm dead bored. superduper disappointedd that the sec3s sc wont be performing anymore. My mood is already bad enough, then this bloody house making it worse. gaahhhh, no point brooding over it. tons of homework collecting dust. arghhh, my stupid brother's friend keeps on calling. It's really iritating my mum and also me! Daddddyyyyyy please come home.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Stomach tumour/ teachers' day/ rod

I think there's something horrible growing inside my stomach. It's painful . I think it startedd like last few weeks yeahh, when I was in class. Poor Jeremy have to suffer from my beatings. Who ask him to be my voodoo dolly. buahahahas! But then horh, he get hit also won't feel the pain, cause the pain will be inflicted on Roland marhh.

Today morning Jaime was super funny larhh. The way she came to sit beside me on bus superduper cute! think back to those days that we had, we were so ke siao. smwarkesx you girl! Reached school super early today, maybe around 7.05. slack and slack for the whole of today. didn't have the mood for anything srsly. I've got to pull myself up again. No more sleeping in classes. and today so funny! Whole class like acting to be all so goodygoody in physics class cause Mrtanchenghuat was there for the lesson. So hypocritic. But nvm, it was a funny scene larhh.

tchers' day coming soon. And yet, our item is not done. We'd better finish our stuff by tmr, or else, cannot make it ready. Hope MsSoh will like the thing that we made for her. ehehe. rod gonna be here soon, finally I kinda enjoy the performance that we're gonna put up larhh. Honestly speaking, many of us felt that the song was just not enough. So we included a dance into it. I'm thinking of part of buttons by PCD. It might be much more better. no, no, it will be much more better. The gift, hope we have sufficient time to complete them all. smwarkesx to all my seniors. sry to have disappointed all of you . But I'll promise, no matter what, I wont let the company fall. LOVE. rod doesn't sound that bad now. For the sake of the seniors, I'll turn up.

My stomach is tossing and turning around again. Gosh, feel like puking. Darn. Will be back some other day! byeebyeeeee .

Friday, August 18, 2006

Tribute to CheeHan kor/ bloody ass training

THANK U CHEEHAN. muahahahaha. Not in a good mood today. Don't ever ask why. Cursing and swearing the whole day, especially during training. Ask Sally if you don't believe!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tests tests and tests. Fuck that school.

This whole week will be having tests, at least two per day. It does not make any sense at all. It was the school who cancelled away our termtests, and now they're like using class tests and level tests to grade us for term three. Isn't that equivalent to term test? Plus, we have at least two tests a day, sometimes even three. Like it was the school who implimented the rule of students not having more than 2 tests in a day. and guess what, I'm having 3 tests tmr, namely- Physics, Mt, and Maths. I'd rather have ONE termtest in a day, than have so many tests cramped within a week.

ohyarhh. To all those who think I just cut myself recently, I didn't ohkaayy. I'm perfectly fine. My wrists are super-clean, except for the not-so-obvious scars maybe .

And shit you bitch. Wanna confront me come larhh? Like I scared lidat. I'm srsly not ohkaayy. Forget it, I'm not gonna let some pathetic girl spoil my mood for the day. muahahahas. I LOVE CHEEHAN. smwarkesx you. and SHERMAN too. Whee! x)) gtg peeps ! Revise my Maths again. Goodluck to all those having stupid tests.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Life cuts.

What a boring day. Well, actually, I've thought over it. I don't mind ppl cutting their wrists. The reason why ppl cut their wrists, there's just too many. You might go around telling ppl not to hurt themselves, but you see , you won't understand the pain that these ppl have to go through, unless you yourself have been through all the shit. To be honest, I did cut myself before, not once or twice but too many times that I couldn't recall. It actually helps in releasing all the unhappiness bottled up within me . It really does make me feel a lot better than just talking to someone. So, my dearest friends, I know all of you will worry about me when I do such stuffs, but I'll be alright . =]] Life cuts, part of my life maybe?

thatiCAREtoo much .

I cared too much, leaving me these scars. darn.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

NDP/ after-celebrations.

WOW. Time really flies yeah? NDP flagparty '06. x)) In memories, we're rich. muahaha. NDP GirlGuides Contingent'06, I'm really proud to be your drill instructor. Keep up the standards. Well, so fast the school's NDP celebration is over. It was quite boring though. The most annoying part was the cheerleading. Aren't they tired of the song "Hey Mickey"? *no offence* NPCC PDS was a performance not to be missed. NCC was still as stylo-milo as ever. I skipped this year's national day parade (the one on tv of course). but ahh, nvm, did have fun out. Totally agree wiith Ethel, we're good at planning our trips for the next few days, but we can't make on-the-spot decisions. meoooowwww. who cares ? hahas. Glad that my baobei WeeTheng was with me, or else I think I would be quite bored. =]] Tmr is tonqqtonqq's birthday alr. Jorge nnd Lydia were discussing with me over what to get for her, but we kept on digressing . So till now, we still dunno what to get for her. hahas. We'll get smth ! for sure !