Tuesday, November 27, 2007

bugis with tong&deb

Finally restored my energy after last Sunday and Monday's shopping spree !

Changyong drived my sister and me to Suntec Convention Hall's some kind of sports exhibition. Then walked over to Marina square, then to Wisma. Saw Eugene at Forever21 again, for the fifth time in this three weeks. Later he thinks i'm an lian-ing him or something ! zzz. nevermind. I got my prom dress from GAP at $119. Lucky my sister sponsoring me. I love you so ! and, I swear I'll never eat Starbucks Oreo cheesecake ever again. I don't taste any cheese at all.

Shopping with Debbie and Litong at Bugis. I bought a blue cardigan, a white tube, and erm.. what else? Oh yes ! A pair of black shorts. Ahah. Didn't buy much cause I couldn't make up my mind. Prolly will get more stuffs when I get there on Friday with jy. That dumbdumb going pon school again. haha. LITONG LOVES HOTPINK. DEBBIE LOVES TODDLERS WITHOUT THEIR FRONT TEETH. I might die posting this. :P watched Enchanted and blahblahblah.. then Litong's Mummy drived us home. Quote of the day: I've been waiting for the true love's kiss~

Today's pretty much boring. I'm working at Daddy's company now. Nothing much to do except for paper work and typing. Easy money ! KA-CHINGGG ! Girlfriends just called me to meet them at vivo. That means three or four times to vivo in 2 weeks. Couldn't make it cause had to collect my n73 from causeway later with jy. Sorry ! :D

喜欢你 想爱你 想说真心话...

Thursday, November 22, 2007

back frm chalet. txs !

hello ! I'm back from chalet. missed me? :D
*yippee* preparation of chalet food stuffs at philo's house was havoc for us, ok, at least for me. Washed all the pots and pans and dishes and blahblahblah until my hands are wet like crazy. I can never forget how oily those pans were. But our efforts paid off ! They liked the food we prepared. Chalet was quite expected with the movie marathons and xbox. Wildwildwet's cool with all the tsunami and floats and friendly lifeguards. Played a lot of stupid games. risk. daidi. blackjack. rolling dice and slapping the loser. pepsicola. and sing so loud like siao. Didn't take photos there. What a pity ! I want another chalet !

After chalet, went home, bathed, slept a while and metup with jy. He wore a black jacket too. It's been a long while since I saw him. eh, wait, ok laa, was just few days ago. haha. Then went to his house a while since I didn't want to go back home so early. And his mummy said to him "nu hai zi don't go back too late." So sweet. Watch his brother play some game then after that, cabbed home cause was tired. (:

Today ! ahaha. Metup with TXS and Debbie ! So sorry I was late. Hey Litong, I'm not duapai lor. muahahahas. Was pretty high on the train with tong and don't know why lydia kept blushing ! maybe cause I'm too charming ! *giggles* Ok. Cut the details. Four crazy girls out in town. We were supposed to catch stardust at cineleisure but there's only one ticket left for the last slot. So we ended up shopping, the thing that guys can never win us in. Bought some stuffs then Lydia had to go off so the remaining three of us went to vivocity. LOVE THE DONUTS. and yeah, I'm the biggest shopper. Met with some weird, or should I say, disgusting, stuffs? Refer to Debbie or LiTong's blog for it. I don't want to throw up my dinner. Ohyeah, girls, you forgot about the lady who wore stockings with slippers on the train ! ahhaahahahha. gosh. Monday Bugis trip with LEEDONGGGGG and DEBBBBB ! My legs are still super sourrrrrrr. Still, I love you girls ! <3

Friday, November 16, 2007

VIVO TRIP. town.

hoooo~ What a busy week !

Watched Game Plan with my classmates, like 14 people including that Kelvin Teoh. Damn hilarious can? I'll rate it 4.5 stars ! Then it was Linkin Park's concert with my sister and her colleagues. Funny bunch of people, I must say. Linkin Park's one of my top favourite now, though the new album is not better than the old one (i think). rock on babyyyyy ! :D

woke up uber late. 2 or 3 pm. went to causeway to repair my n73. dadadaaaa. and lost my memory card. zzz.. what's the point of repairing n73 then? i miss my dear phone !

Shopping with my girlfriends at Payar lebar then to vivocity. I didn't know I've actually been to City Plaza with my parents when I was young until that day then I recognised the place. HAHA. blur hor? Saw a grey dress but then, not worth the money and it's too big for me. daaahhh. and went off the vivo. Bought a top from forever21 and another from joop. Saw a pretty white dress then girlfriends say I should wear it to prom. 80 dollars only ! Maybe getting it this sunday ! saw cute doggies too. went up to the top level of vivo and chatted as we enjoyed the sea breeze. It's been a long time since we did such serious chatting. 4 years and going on ~ xoxo.

my moneyyyyy ! hahas. wondering how the chalet's gonna be... and off to town with jy ! Saw Evelyn at FarEast Plaza ! blahblahblah, cut the details. bought a mini black dress. And help the dumb dumb KaySeng get his cookies. wanted go down to Bugis but decided not cause was tired after all the walking. Then went back Yishun met Philo. Bought me my lost memory card as a surprise. hah. Thanks a lot ! dadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... It's a happy day. How nice if everyday's like this. Thanks a lot.. :D

Tomorrows's Saturday ! gonna be a long day too. I'm going to watch some tv programmes then off to bed ! TAKECARE.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

o levels gonna be over !

lilpaperheart. is back, like, finally ! hahas. Wanted to create a new blogskin but was too lazy for it. Moreover, my dumb laptop has no more photoshop programme. I miss photoshopping so so much ! So, merely searched through blogskins and settled for this one, so colourful. heh.

and.. Why am I back? because O levels is almost over! *cheers* There's only physics, chemistry and biology mcq papers left. hahahahahhahahahahhahhas. 13th november is the last day of my exams because I'm taking the dumb biology paper. Nevermind, can enjoy Linkin park's concert straight after the paper. WHOOO !!

Been slacking since Monday. I guess I can never change my piggy nature cause I'd actually slept for 15 hours from Monday night to Tuesday afternoon. salute me? hahas. Actually, I cannot of anything much to do at home everyday. I don't want to work, don't want to go for first 1.5 months either. I just wanna have fun. yeah. loads of fun. Miss my txs soooo much. My darling sisters who are making me less worried about them. Guess we'll meet up pretty soon? I can't wait. haha. Litong must be waiting for me to share my stories. Pretty Debbie should come along too !(:

Jorge's birthday tomorrow and we're going Marina for steamboat. Class chalet and Prom coming too. I wanna watch movies also ! The Game Plan, Beowulf or whatever it is spelt as, brothers, bee etc etc... So many many things but limited amount of money. haha. Drop me some gold bars please? hahas.. oh yeah ! I nearly forgot ! I wanna go shopping with my girlfriends too. heh. and meet up with Paul and his girlfriend soon.

really can't wait for Os to be officially over. but when results come, I bet I'll be crying, either tears of joy or tears of regret. haha. Thanks to all who wished me luck yeah? much appreciated.