Monday, February 25, 2008


Wheeeeee people ! I'm bored.
like very very very bored cause baby's off to Malaysia.
nevermind. I'll blog on today's orientation !

Today's Day 1 of Azimuth {Orientation's name} ! *cheers*
yeapyeap. Standard 6.30am bus to school, breakfast@ canteen.
How's my sandwich, Marissa ?
lalalaaaaaaaa. Checked OG list, same as Dionna !
Assembled in Hall and met Melson and Hilma.
Icebreakers, some very common games.
Met the rest of my OG {Phobos 7}. yes I'm in redhouse AGAIN.
Next up...... Mass dance !
fast and furious... drift! drift! drift!
My couple dance partner, Hakim.
From a lot of 'sorry's to 'aiya whatever laa whoooooooo !'
Lunch. Meishan complained about the noodles. LOL.
I'm the only brave one who tried.
Think, I'd rather stick to the chicken rice. ooops. :x
okok. Station Games !
called Bingren as BAOBAO. lmao.
Dionna can't stop laughing and said I like to eat "baos".-.-
We managed to skip the wet zones but in the end we still got wet.
WHY? cause we threw water bombs at each other. :P
I swear Meishan's aiming is perfect.

Tomorrow's amazing race aka MMM.
Running all over Singapore so if you do spot me, WAVE !
lol. I can't wait for tomorrow cause it's another day of fun.
By noon, baby'll be back too. :D

Phobos hot a not?
Phobos hot a not?
Phobos hot a not?
HOT SIA ! psssst.

going off with *calisto's signature move* !

Saturday, February 23, 2008



Wednesday, February 20, 2008

First day in MJC.

First day in MJC !
I love the school campus, especially the field.
Yeah, of all things, the field.
okok, and the shades of blue and white everywhere.
Everything's fine so far.
went for GSC course counselling and met this girl
who's taking the exact same combi as me.
so I guess we'll be in the same OG !
Her pretty name's Dionna.
and I finally understand why the school song is playing in Marissa's head at 3am in the morning cause for the whole day the school song is stuck in my head too.

Born of a vision to be the best
rising above the rest
we speak with one clear voice
yes this is our choice..

Sunday, February 17, 2008


yes yes yes, I bought my first ever soccer ball on 16o208.


*gogogo* Ram it like Ron !

and and and I must say, miracles do happen.
on14feb, JEFFREY终于吃饱了!
on15feb, ZHIWEI finally knows how to carry his crumpler with style.
see, miracles do happen. (:

Monday, February 11, 2008



mahjong & poker & steamboat & hamperwrapping & blahblahblah.
not forgetting the never-ending angbaos.

and I want my pink cj11. {you won't get this if you've not watched cj7.}

pshh. I'm starting to hate friendster.
why's everyone starting to emphasize the "blog-as-emotional-rubbishchute" thing again?
It's been like a donkey years ago since I last saw stuffs like that, sec 2 or 3 probably?

chill people, summer tests coming.
0823c's the champs. Seoul garden, Miss Tetty !

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

0823C once again dominating the library !
*everyone else siam*

:D :D :D
my primary school friend is sitting beside me and he don't recognise me at all.