Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Quick update so no long paragraphs, just point forms. :D

0. Went ichiban sushi for some lovely jap food and amk s11 k-boxing some time last week w baby and my two crazy siblings till midnight and we cabbed home.
1. Last training, Monday, we've gotten our new jerseys.
2. Getting one more set of jersey and another training tee !
3. All the senior girls made it into the school team. (including me !)
4. I screwed up my GP on Monday cause I slept during paper1. fff.
5. Thanks Jenny for the lovely breakfast. The Milo's damn cute, so small.
6. Felt much better after having a short heart-to-heart chat w Huihoon after the paper.
7. I'm getting hyped up over Subway again !!
8. CIP today is cancelled. met up w old poks for Ajisen. yummm.
9. I bought something random for baby from action city.
10. I've finally finished inflation and the j1 chem topics.
11. I really hate Probability at this instance.
12. I am still paranoid over exams cause no matter how much I study, I think I'm gonna fail.
13. But nvm, cause yaaaaay, I'm going to watch "coming soon" for freeeeeee !!
14. I love my pet BEBE cause she makes funny noises like me.
15. I can't wait for tomorrow cause baby will be back from camp.
16. and because I'm meeting mates to study at 10 in school tomorrow before out training and match kicks off.

becks' feeling sleeeepy;
signing out, xoxo.


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