Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Break from blogging.

There's just too many things that are happening. Yours truly is lazy to update on all these. Time for me to kick aside unnecessary stuffs and focus on mugging for EOY. L1R5 11. I can do it!

Monday, September 18, 2006

MT prelim was..

Today's MT prelim was easier than what I had expected. Paper 1 was 2hours, completed the paper within an hour and 15 mins, and another 15 mins to check through, so it leaves me with a complete half an hour to stare into space. Paper 2 was 1 and a half hours. I took like 1 hour 15 mins to finish, and that leaves me 15 minutes to stone. Hope I can do well, wish me luck in getting good grades!

Did the VIP survey today during VIP lesson. VIP equates to values incineration programme. hahaha! well, I think VIP lessons are a waste of time. We do nothing but talk about habits of mind etc etc. all those craapy stuff. but luckily, we have our number 1 phoenix, MsSoh, who always skips VIP lessons. ehehe. Finally a teacher who can understand us. lalalas. Homeroom is much better. We get to crap and relax as we share our views with our dearest MsSoh. muahahaa.

I miss Joakim, the cute monkey on SI stage. meooowwww. your cherie amour? tralalalas!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

All The crap I received for the efforts I put in Guides.

Deleted the previous entry. It was a rather messy one. Now, where shall I begin? Ohkayy, the story goes this way. This day, all the uniformed-groups in YTss came together for the Master parade rehearsal. Full of enthusiasm and Hope, I thought I could be the commandant for the Guides Contingent. But turn out to be, I became the emcee. Siti became the commandant.

harhar. History repeated. Sec 1 camp, from Camp Commandant to the resouce personnel. NDP, commandant to flag party. Now, commandant to emcee. I very much wished and hoped that I am able to take my sec2 and 3 squad in one parade. One parade is all I wished for. Yet, I don't even get to train them. Often, I had to take the Sec1s. Look, I am the drill instructor for sec2s and 3s. I never took the Sec1 camp and NDP "downfall" to heart. The teachers must have their reasons for it. So, I packed up my unhappiness and moved on, without telling anyone how I felt. I hid my feelings within myself. Since sec2, I have been keeping a lot of things to myself. I couldn't let any of my squadmates know because I felt that not many of them could understand me. I couldn't let my juniors know. All this while, I had been bottling all my emotions. Sometimes, I would breakdown all of a sudden.

This time round, I can no longer hide my feelings. Yes, I broke down. Cried the hell out of myself when I was in the canteen after the parade. Yes, I cried in front of my squadmates. Yes, I cried in front of two of my juniors. It was too much. Far too much for me to bear with the pain. Siti and I share the same rank, both drill instructors. The thing is, she gets appointed in the parade itself. What about me? A pathetic solo emcee. I don't blame Siti for it. She's still my friend and she has got nothing to do with it. I don't understand the teachers. Why do they want to give me a rank of the drill instructor for sec2s and 3s when they do not want me to take them in parades? It's hurting to see others taking your rank. I agree that recognition is not important, but what I'm upet with is about my squad. I have never taken them in a single parade. Yes, not even a single one.

I'm tired of all the false hopes that people have given me. I found hope in myself, in Guides, but this incident crushed it again. I am too tired to move on. I've lost faith in everything.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Iritating fucktard- ONGKARTING

Right, this girl think she pons school very big deal. Telling the whole wide world she pon sch in her friendster. Like, wow, if skipping school makes you a bad girl, then I think I'm already a devil. Merely in one term I skippedd school twice [not including times when I was sick ]. What's the big deal there girl? Let me tell you this in case you still have not realised, you're really getting on my nerves.

First, you didn't turn up for trainings, that I can understand. Second, you very conveniently TOOK AWAY my darling Sara's CD. Third, you borrowed my dear April's cheerleading skirt WITHOUT returning it. Take note, we had to haunt you down after your exams standing outside your classroom to wait for you to ask you about the skirt. and guess what? You only returned us 15 bucks when the skirt costs way higher. Fourth, again you very conveniently ripped my baobei Cheryl's photo and posted it on friendster as if you yourself took the photos. Since you were so daring enough, I gave Cheryl your number. YES, I was the one. So what?

The story hasn't ended yet my dear readers. After she got a heavy scolding from my baobei Cheryl, she claimed that it was her friend who hacked into her friendster account. Well, maybe that was true. But look, she even copied my MSN nick and used it as her own. That was obvious enough that she hadn't learnt her lesson. So, I went to ask that copycat what's up. pooff! Her connection was so great that she did not know that I knew Cheryl. So, she told me that lie again. "Ohh, it was my friend who hacked into my account. sorry." Sad to say, you're apology was not accepted . I went to check it out who was that shitfriend of hers. She said she was RuoTing from AISS. hurHUR. I'm SO convinced. Girl, don't think that you hang out with those 17, 18 yr old boys, and that you steal and smoke, I'm afraid of you . In fact, I despise you. Seriously, I find you not better than any of those low class freaking morons on Earth . Actually, I think you're worse than them. Go think about it .

Friday, September 08, 2006

End of September Holidays.

Gahhh . Having tons of homework to complete. I'm supposed to be doing my maths, but since I'm stuck in that bloody mindmap stuff, I'll digress a little. hehe. two more days to go and school will reopen. I think I've wasted time today. Went to school to do my patrol flag. I'm still missing the jungle life. mummmmmmyyyyy. JunYang's "Wu Ban" is so nice. The song just kept playing in my mind eversince I heard ChonMun and LaiYin sing it during the camp. gah gah gah. I'm going to sing out loud now. Love you peepps.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mawai Camp was fun, fun and more FUN.

taaddaaaaa! I survived the camp. Mawai Camp, Kota Tinggi, Malaysia! wanna know what were some stupid stuffs that we did? read on!

First day when we setoff, some of us were kinda reluctant to go, while some others were super excited. Then we were quite rowdy at the singapore checkpoint. Then here comes the "act big" policeman or whoever there said something like: "This is a checkpoint you know, not a zoo. All like monkies! ", but, lol, who cares! When we reached Mawai and went down the bus, all of us thought we've reached the campsite. The weird thing is, the campsite is nowhere to be seen. Then our two superb instructors ZheBin, and TohWee, one of them told us that we need to take a ferry and cross the river to reach the campsite. All of us were so excited. We went, omg-ing, crossing the river that was filled with giant catfish, crocodiles, or whatsoever weird creatures. hahaha. Then in the end, all of us were so disappointed when we thought we could go around and sail along the river, but turn out, the boat ride took only a few minutes. diaodiaodiao. super anti-climax.

iinstructor ZheBiin nnd TohWee .

I was so amazed when I saw the campsite and wondered how the Orang Aslis built the campsite with all the logs and everything. You cannot see a single wall there. Then we made our own bed with the green green canvas thing. really different experience. After we have settled down, my group "Benjamin" challenged the water obstacles. It was really fun to see your fellow friends falling into the water! but at the same time we really gelled together and helped one another. I must mention Zhengrong and Kevin for helping me cross the Asli bridge. Poor WenJie fell when he tried to 100m sprint across that thiin pole. His stomach hit the pole so hard. damn scary. hope he's fiine. and bloody unfair! We couldn't get Joanna into the waters! She only played a few obstacles! I played all ohkaay! whee! x]]. applause for me please! THANK YOU. LOL.

woot! After that game, we went to washup. I must say the toilet was FANTASTIC. ZhuanqYi and I were the first girls to checkout the toilet. We got so shocked when we went into the cubicle and closed the door. Almost in every cubicle there were ants or flies or lizards hiding behind it. very very gross, that I can assure you. but that's jungle life, so even though we were complaining as we bathed, we had to make do with whatever stuffs that we had with us. We can't possibly not bathe for the 4 days right! Campfire preparation up next. My job was simple. buahahaha. Then we had to watch this dumb movie. I didn't exactly watched it because I was practically asleep after 5 minutes of the movie screening. bleahhh. Then when I woke up, vicknesh thought I was drunk, so they helped me to the cookhouse. wahaha. I'm lousy! So be it.

Rise and shine for a brand new day. I was looking forward to the day's activities. Benjamin went for the audeline trail and we learnt many junqle survival skills, saw the bunkers that were built during ww2. We went into one of the bunkers but failed to understand what the carvings on the walls meant. We also played the Mawai Team challenge after that. Of course, my dear Benjamin won all the games! hahas. all hail benjamin ! we scored 60 over points for the first activity while the rest of the groups scored 50plus, 30 or 20 plus. wahaha. and then the rope game where we had to tie two knots with two short ropes, we managed to figure out how to tie the knots without TohWee having to tell us the answer! I know we were awesome. Then the climax of the day, swamp forest walk! oohhh. all the muddy muddy grounds, and the leeches in the river. gross but fun! contradicting right? here I have to mention MrChewChonMun for holding me and walk me back on the stupid muddy grounds. Thanks boy. My shoes didn't get stuck in the mud ohkaayy! pro horhh!

whoo! At night we went for the river cruise and watched the fireflies when we were on the boat. All the stupid gay parties were going on. hahaha! and then I think when we were looking at the bunkers along the river, I saw some some supernatural beings; the Japanese soldiers were patrolling over a small small upland ground next to the bunker. It was darn scary but I didn't tell anyone bacause I didn't wanna scare anybody, including myself! Maybe it was just my hallucination.

During supper, we had to nominate the campfire emcees. I got sabo-edd! Luckily I didn't win the most number of votes. I love democracy. ehehe. YiLing and Mizrahi got the task. niehehe.

lalala. third day. we climbed the Gunung Arong mountain. woahh! Our school was incredible. The instructor estimated 2 and a half hours of climb for us to reach the summit but we only took 50 minutes. we were good. hahahas. When we were going down the mountain, it was so much more difficult. The terrain was so steep. This time, I walked with MrChewChonMun again, ofcourse not forgetting Roland, Gabriel, Zhengliang and JianHao. They were the few ppl in front or behind me. Had a great time up there and we sang to kept ourselves entertained. We laughed at one another and played around. hahh! All the leaders managed to conquer the mountain. We left noone behindd. Give ourselves a round of applause! *claps*

us at the mountaiin top .

Then the instructors challenged kameliah, sara and me, the three girl guides. They wanted us to set up the campfire. When I saw the wood, I almost fainted. The wood was totally different from what we used in campchristine. We had a really hard time figuring the methods to setup the campfire. In the end, we managed to setup the fire with the help of ZheBin and TohWee. ahahaha. have to thank them for teaching us the methods and skills. We didn't join guides for nothing! bahahaha. then we played the stupid yet fun game during campfire. The "long jiang pass" showdown. Jokes cracking around, like what "jianhao's bird cannot stand." hahahas. we were crazy ppl. nono, we ARE crazy people.

Our last day at camp. All of us carried out some activities like the game where we have to build a craft to protect the egg. Benjamin was not slacking. Though we lost to Abraham, we were not grumbling about it. We still carried on to have fun and everything. Until when we left the campsite after the lunch, all of us were kinda upset. we couldn't bear to leave that place. but stil, all good things must have an end. So we left the campsite with a heavy heart and my dearest group, Benjamin, was awarded the best camp group. So, "yaaayy" is all I can say. Cheers to my fellow Benjamins.

To sum it all, I've learnt a lot from this camp and I'm sure all of us who attended the camp have also learnt. We went through the mosquito bitings together, the crazy weather together, the pushups together. Everything we have been through will definitely be left as memories in us. I'm sure we were really gelled together after this camp and I hope the spirit in my fellow sec3 councillors will carry on. I really missed the jungle life, and if we have a chance to go back to the camp again, we shall be back next year as instructors for our juniors! lovelovelove Mawai Camp.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Kota Tinggi Trip.

Whee! Kota Tinggi, here I come!

Friday, September 01, 2006

teachers' day celebration

ytd was the celebration. The concert was rather boring so I had to keep myself awake by making myself high over stupid lil things. haha. Gave MrLim that card that the four of us did for him. He's happy that we still remembers him. king papa! wheehehe.

and the most exciting part that all the phoenixes were looking forward to. The surprise for our dearest mssoh. yaaayy! had some clashes with council so Ethel didn
t join us. but I'm sure she wont mind! right? MsSoh was super touched. and we brightened up her gloomy day. go read her multiply entry! buahaha. MsSoh must must must must hug the pillow and keep the video! cheers for our no.1 phoenix teacher.

lalalas. I'm superbly happy now. Think lydia is doing fine in her studies and glad that she decided to pass that streaming stuff. and LiTong should be doing ohkaayy. My results for this term is way better than the previous terms. whee! l1r5- 15. average- 64 plus. muahahaha. but I believe I can do better than this . final year exams. I'll be ready for it.

setting off for eastcoast soon! gtg peeps.