Friday, March 20, 2009

heeeeheeeheeeee. Hello darlings, how's life?
Haha. I can't believe I've actually spent the entire day studying organic chem concepts. I'm sooooooo mentally-drained I feel as if some alien's just sucked out all my brain juice. okay, yuck, I know, but I can't think of any better analogy to express myself right now after hours and hours of facing nothing else but chem notes. And... great, I've not done anything constructive about my math yet.

well well, actually, I must confess, I'm not focused on this coming block test. (Yeah, I know I should just take a gun and shoot myself to death now.) I don't know why but the only reason I can think of is the coming A div's. Guess all the MSGs are all feeling the same, w Sarah dreaming about soccer and Huihoon visualising us at the ceremony and ....... the list goes on and on. But yeah, I'm not gonna regret for this even if I fail my block tests, because it's like probably the last month that we're gonna train and play as a MSG 08/09 team and then we're gonna say goodbye to kicking and focus on the As.

So yup, there's training tomorrow morning and I'm so excited. I hope my body listens to me and kill away all the morning sickness. I hope the rain won't come visting us again. I hope I won't be late cause training's at 8. Hahaha. and we're gonna go airport for popeyes and some bit of mugging. Sure to be yet another whole load of fun.

and I'll be offline tomorrow cause I'll be w baby at eastcoast for some barbeque w his friends.
Till then, feel free to tag me !

and I'm so sorry to ask, but I really wanna know, who's the friendly Mr/Ms "G" who tagged me recently? If you are the one I'm referring to, do tell me okay. Thanks, lovely.

Okay, Ima go pack my stuffs and go to bed and dream of all the fun tmr w the mates and baby.
Becks' feeling hungry;
signing out, xoxo.


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