Thursday, November 30, 2006

Marissa'a intepretation of rain?

I'm currently dying of laughter. omgomg. That Marissa. I was talking to her about the Korean artiste, RAIN, and she thought it was the weather's 'RAIN'. How cute can she get? Here it goes.

# messed . says:
# messed . says:
%. the story of slantboy. (:
'...oh.' and '...oh?' and '...oh!' says:
now where got rain?

Immediately I went rolling on the floor! She claims "THAT WAS A NASTY WEATHER NAME TRICK!" BUAHAHAHAHAS. ohgosh. Miss you girls. <3 you brightened up my day.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Online gaming; Children/teens?; Israel.

I'm finally taking a break after 2 hours of Auditioning(fyi, it's a game). Jeremy told me about o2jam, runescape and etc also, but none of them could interest me. So i guess, I'm going to audition for the whole night.

I was looking through yahoo news and i saw this funny article, regarding Children turning into teens at a younger age. I don't know how to explain this, why not look at it for yourself? .

Ok, now I shall start ranting about someone, whom i shall not mention the name for he's still my friend, but i just can't stand it. So you have told me about how you feel towards me, and I have also made this situation clear enough to you. I know you have a family which you can't stand, and you need some company and comfort, but can you please spare a thought for me? You're pushing me until I can hardly breathe now. Look, if you yourself don't correct your mindset that you're a failure and all, how the hell am I supposed to give you the encouragement? I think that will be just a waste of my saliva. You see, things have changed. I can't be there for you all the time like how it was in the past. You need to learn to face up to things on your own. I appreciate your company, and you being there for me, and I really really treat you as a good friend. You can treat it as I'm asking a favour from you, but please, stop making things awkward for the both of us.

Friday, November 24, 2006

That fuckedup XiaoBen and his xialan demoness.

How dare he do that to my dearest Lydia, and that zharboh really looked like a demoness. You provoked my sister and her sweetheart, you're sure to get it from her on Monday. I shall wait and see how horribly you'll end.

My legs are aching after today's open house. Busy busy busy. Went to kfc for dinner with LiTong and had a nice chat. Then saw my CheeHan kor at the void-deck underneath my block. He got a new hairdo. It looks great! muahahahas. I think I saw JiaMing's brother too. There's another round of marketing going on tomorrow. I need some rest. (:

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Craving for moomoo !

A super random one today. pardon me.

1 compo, 1 compre, Amaths, Maths paper1 done. Sooo relieved that the Open House duty is kinda settled. Let's pray hard we don't cork up on that day. Craving for MooMoo icecream today! You know, the one with the biscuits. Moooo~ hehs. Limewire's better than Ares a thousand times! Should have used it long ago. Seems like Lydia's angry over someone. Lols. Sister, don't angry lahhs, later get wrinkles then your XiaoBen don't want you anymore! Oh yah, dumb YongHuat has been calling me late at night to disturb me. I'm gonna get my sweet revenge if he calls me again tonight!

My boyfriend Eugenia and darling Sara is overseas. Hope that they're alright there. Have fun girls! and and and, hmms, something unhappy happened these few days within my family. There's only two things left that can give me the strength to believe in life; My Love, and My girls. I wanna go on a runaway vacation like how i used to! Then when I come back, you'll see a more optimistic Becky. Watch me shine, people.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Long one week .

boooooooooo. A long long week. ):

heh, I've been a very good girl studying at home. Will you pretty please praise me? muahaha. I'm supposed to be doing my composition question "running away", but now, I guess I'm really running away from my work yeah. There's still heritage badge to complete. hgrhh, one day you'll find bones of the monsters at the bottom of a cliff, stampeded over the clifftop by YOURS TRULY. blahblahblah, two more months to suffer under their hands. Time, please grow wings and fly away. Speaking about flying, MARIAH is going to KOREA! PLease please please tell SHINgoon if you ever see him there, that He's bloody cute. ehehe. ohyah! Kidnap Da Chang Jin if you can! =x never mind, I'll do this on my own when I visit Korea next time. HongKong, here I come. But before that, I should complete my work. So, I'll update some other day yeah. tatas!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

class chalet/ heritage trail/ fever.

13-15nov, class chalet. First, metup with dearest. IPzone top! Thank you sooo much. ehehes. Then went to meet up with my phoenixes. Head off to DTE. whoo! the curry spilled all over the taxi and the uncle didnt know. muahahahas. EVIL. walked around the area and saw ShengYang and gang. barbeque night. I burnt my two fingers while setting up the fire. kuku lahh. washed it under running water, it's still painful. Held ice, it's still painful. Stick plaster, still painful! Lucky Jeremy and Philo went to buy Zambuk. Many other phoenixes showed their concern cause I was crying like hell lah. It was damn painful cans! Finally when I felt better and stopped crying, I went to get some food. Didn't eat a lot. Alrights, we managed to settle our disputes during the barbeque. That was relieving. I walked around the chalet aimlessly while others were x-boxing or watching movie. Had a nice talk with Jeeviyan. Poor guy. Israel was there too. went to rest a while after chatting, then few of us went out of the chalet while most were already sleeping. When we got back, some of them were still watching movie, so we decided to join in. Tonn-ed till the next morning, watching movies. slept for an hour then we went off for breakfast. dadadadadas, then it was arcade fever. Daytona, Para para, basketball. gaaahhhh, then slept for a while more while others were out cycling, or playing xbox. Early dinner. slacked again. then neighbour offered us food. High school musical. 1 can of Heineken. What's the big fuss about alcohol? On the way home, we imitated Sadako, who wore a specs. haha.

Next day early in the morning had to rush to school for Guides Heritage trail. We payed 15 dollars for all that crap. I didn't learn anything at all. Maybe it was a time for me to brush up on photography skills lah. zzz. Got punished because we made noise when we saw snake. who cares.

Now, my fever's back. grghhh. I still have to plan for the school's open house. what the ..

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Zenith/ TXS together.

Today's post shall be about yesterday's happenings. 111106 was a great day.

Early in the morning, I dragged myself out of bed just to make it for Zenith's soccer match against Mavens. It was a thrilling match and victory is ours, score of 6-5. Ehehes, one thing I can conclude is, there are many sore losers on Earth. Those who were present should be able to comprehend this. "Your father never teach you ah? Are you all crazy!" Lols. It was damn hilarious.

The wonderful team.

Hearts my jersey. number 11.

Second half of the day, Litong and me went to Lydia's house. Finally, we hanged out! First, Litong and me were screaming like hell because of the two dogs, Lucky and London. After a while, we started to play with the dogs. and and and, I don't believe I cannot conquer that stupid laptop. I'll try again next time! ehhhs, next time watch more HIGH der movie can? "Taxi" made me fell asleep. Poor Litong, I slept on her lap. =x ohyeahh, we were hungry so we decided to go to sunplaza to get some food. Instead of getting up, Lydia and I went...

Me:"Let's go!"
Lydia:"Let's go!"
Me:"Let's go!"
Lydia"Let's go!"

hahas. Too lazy to get up i guess. But still, we went to sunplaza and sorta played in the rain. whoo! Lydia shoved me into a puddle, so I jumped on another puddle of water. The water splashes all over, NICE. Now I want some jollybean. meooow. fun fun and more FUN. K-boxing up next girls!

1111o6 will really be the best day I'd ever had if April and Marissa were there for the soccer match, if I'd met up with my dearest. (:


Friday, November 10, 2006

Spammers really have nothing to better to do than spamming.

bloody amused at how dumb certain people can get.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

OMFG, bloody molesters.

oh my god. You can never guess what had just happened. Alright, I was on bus 804 on the way back home. As we had to clear our tables today, being a goody angelic student, I carried a big stack of books home today. So, I put all the books on top of my lap as I close my eyes to rest. Suddenly, I felt something pulling my skirt. I opened my eyes to see what was it, but I saw perfectly nothing. Then, i continued to rest, and i felt that pull AGAIN. I thought something must be weird, so i peeped at the surroundings. OMFG! That guy (seemingly aged 16-20) was attempting to lift up my skirt and peep at what's underneath. fucking chee bye. Immediately I glared at him and "zek" him. I almost wanted to give him one tight slap, but after looking at his horrifying face, I erased that thought. He was fugly. When it finally reached his stop, he so gan jiong, chiong down the bus! knn. He stopped at the area near Chee Han kor's house. That sicko's lucky that I'm in a good mood today. If he did that to me yesterday when I was bloody mad over something (refer to the previous post), he's gonna get drowned by my profanities, and I make sure I scream "MOLESTER!!!" till the whole bus can hear. Maybe I should get my penknife around with me all the time, so if next time I see a perv like him again, I can dodge out his eyeballs and feed it to the dogs. Oh wait, I think dogs wouldn't want to eat it either. I know! Get some bangalas to fuck him upside down. He should be grateful to me after that. GAAAHHH !

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

OSJ, slut.

alright. My dearest readers, you're really lucky because today, I have something really interesting to talk about. Yeah, I might get a little vulgar here, so please pardon me. Some sense-less shitass creature is really really irritating me.

That knncccb creature goes "I don't like girls who flirt. So disgusting. Always with the guys beat here beat there." HAHA. We're just good friends, cannot huh? Jealous isit? Oh yah, Someone wears short skirts just to cover up her fat thighs. like WTF? Shouldn't you be wearing something longer to like cover up your pig trotters? hurhur, obviously wanting to show off her flabs. Now, look who's the real slut here. Ohyah, I forgot. According to my own sources which I think is 100% reliable, She take the initiative to ask her online guy friends out when she only know them for like, a week? How fascinating!

"Class barbeque is so expensive. I don't want to pay the $10. I don't like barbequed food, I prefer home-cooked ones." Then we shall see how you're going to bring your own pots and pans to that chalet to cook your so called home-cooked food. And since you're not going to pay, make sure you don't eat any of our food, use any of the utensils, or even come near the barbeque pit! kuku nathan. nabei. Even if you pay only 5 bucks, I'll spend the whole night watching you to make sure that you only use half of the plate, half the fork, eat half the sausages or chicken wings. HAH! If that really happens, don't blame anyone of us, because you brought this upon yourself.

And please, what right have you got to say that Lyon, who's been worrying that the class barbeque will be a failure, is corrupted? Haven't you heard that we're going to return all of you the remaining of the money? What's the problem with you now? "Our Class got no class spirit, I don't like our class." You know why our class have no class spirit? That's because we have you in our class to spoil everything we've planned! So, who's the fucking spoiler now? huh? You tell me? The whole class agreed to pay up and you're the only one against everything.

The class barbeque issue is only one thing. Even before this, during the talent quest preparation, you were the one who stirred up so many bloody problems for the organisers. You didn't want to have a separate performance, then fine and well, why don't you go suggest something else? If you can't suggest any better ideas, then just keep your fucking big mouth zipped. and and and, you actually have the audacity to not pay for something you've broken. Now poor ZhuangYi has to fork out 100 over bucks because of your stupid excuses. Humji kia. You do it, why not admit it, and bear the consequences yourself?

If you weren't my classmate, I would already have shouted at you in class that day. You're getting on everyone's nerves you know. Can't you just shut your stinky mouth? I just don't wish to make things awkward for us because we're still going to be classmates for another year. But you're the one who chose to talk about us behind our backs, thinking that we wouldn't know, and act all so goody goody in front of us. You can cut your acts you know, drama mama, we're seeing your true colours, AGAIN.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Yaay I screwed Physics re-exam; Holiday plans

Sheesh, screwed up today's Physics re-exam. The weird thing is, I don"t feel anything! oh god, perhaps I'm just too used to failing Physics. Yeah, I'll make full use of my holidays to buck up on my studies! Tomorrow's bio test, I don't really care much about it either. That's because I see no point in the re-exams. It's not like we're all going to turn into smart-asses over a night, or a few days. hur, fail me for now, I don't care. TXS got same fate lahhs. (Read Lydia's bloggie for further explanations.) haha. I've set myself a target and it is to complete all my assignments and revisions by 30 nov, which is like the last day of this month. After this, i can go prepare myself for Council camp, my Australia trip (Don't know whether still going or not) and of course, hang out with my dearie. I'm sooo planned on how to spend my holidays. muahahas . and and and, NOBODY'S gonna stop me from a shopping spree! money oh, money oh!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I really never chup, believe me.

Aiyos, CheeHan kor ahh CheeHan kor, I really really really really never chup ohkayys. Don't know how many times I have to tell you this. I won't get into trouble one, so you don't worry about me. I'll continue to be a good girl. =x. You hurry up finish your course then graduate then go work lehhs, like that you earn manymany money for me! I can still remember that time you were so god damn worried about me when I went seh seh one. Lucky you didn't help me the other time. I won't so saddistic again alrights! TAKECARE.

Nice long walk home today to clear my mind . =]]